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    Our History
    Lan Fan Jewelry has developed to be a professional accessory manufacturer with almost 18 years of experience.
    1). 2000, we build production base in DongGuan Machong, so far there have almost 200 people.
    2). 2006, in order to provide better customer service, we established Kiss Diamond Jewelry in Hong Kong.
    3). 2012, we established…[Read more]

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    Day Sling Bag suppliers

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    Floating dock plastic
    Floating Dock Plastic adopt HDPE, It is a strengthened material for anti-corrosion, anti-freeze, anti-oxidation and anti-purple lines, and is not subject to the erosion of sea water, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil stains and aquatic organisms. No pollution, no damage to the environment. Floating on the water surface, it can…[Read more]

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    ◆Company Profile
    Zhejiang Clean Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology company that integrates R&D, design, production and sales of all kinds of cleaning equipment (floor care tools). The company’s YONGKANG JIENUO factory currently contains 7 lines of professional cleaning products, including dry and wet d…[Read more]

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    Established in 2004, HUIER is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer and exporter of a wide variety of cables including Alarm Cables/Security Cables/Control Cables, Fire Alarm Cables, Network Cables, CCTV Cables, Coaxial Cables (50 and 75), Telephone Cable, Speaker Cables, Optical Fiber Cables and other related cable products.
    All of our products are…[Read more]

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