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D365 Business Intelligence Solutions

Having complete, the real time visibility of your organization’s finances, projects, clients, and people can be the difference between success and failure in today’s competitive business landscape. Microsoft D365 Business Intelligence Solutions offers built-in the intelligence right where you need it – embedded in your business processes. As the core part of Microsofts cloud portfolio, MS Dynamics 365 leverages Microsoft’s latest investments in BI, including Power BI, Cortana Intelligence Suite, and Azure IoT (Internet of Things) to support proactively guide your employees to optimal outcomes across all areas of your business.

PowerBI Human Resource Dashboard
PowerBI Financial Dashboard Sample
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The Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and the CRM platform offers a real time, in memory Business Intelligence solution utilizing the latest SQL Azure technology. This means no more outdated data warehouses or information cubes that are difficult to manage and are never up to date!

  • Leverage Microsoft Power BI to explore your data in the variety of graphical visualizations, including charts, graphs, scatter diagrams, map overlays, and many other visual renderings of your data.
  • Use Cortana and the natural language queries to simply ask a question and let Power BI create your visualizations for you!
  • Leverage the latest in mobile application technology to access your BI data on the go from your phone or tablet!
Data Visualizations in the Dynamics 365 Operations (AX) Project Manager Workspace PowerBI - HR Dashboard
Data Visualizations in Dynamics 365 Operations Project Manager Workspace
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PowerBI – HR Dashboard
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the embedded Microsoft BI toolset can support ensure that your firm has the visibility it needs to make proactive, meaningful business decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers Power Bi, which is a suite of business analytics tools to analyze, visualize and share insights. Microsoft Power Business Intelligence comes with a comprehensive dashboard that provides a 360 degree view for business user with their mission critical metrics in one place, with the real time update, and available in all their devices. You can access your data and report with Microsoft Power BI mobile apps, which update automatically as and when you update your data. Microsoft Power BI can unify all your organization’s data, whether in the cloud or on-premises.

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