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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Fashion

By connecting all elements of retail engagement with Microsoft Dynamics 365, your business can satisfy customers’ appetites for the hottest trends through all shopping mediums, delivering a truly omnichannel experience. Sophisticated Retail Management for Fashion Microsoft Dynamics 365 from HSO offers you the capability to manage all retail activities, through a sophisticated platform that underpins any modern fashion operation.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver fit for purpose solutions which address the challenges our fashion clients face. Calling upon our deep retail knowledge and experience, having deployed over 300 projects.

An industry-specific fashion solution with:

  • Range planning – Forecast inventory levels dependant on demand to ensure availability at all times
  • Buying – Keep in touch with suppliers at all times to manage purchasing decisions
  • Sample Management – Manage the sampling process to reduce waste
  • Critical Path – Gain a view and manage each step of the supply chain to maximize sales opportunities
  • Distribution – Improve warehouse operations to aid efficient store replenishment
  • Cross Channel Customer Services – Provide your customers with a consistent on and offline shopping experience.

Why choose D365?

MS Dynamics 365 R&D team knowledge of the retail fashion industry is seconded only to our knowledge of Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management solutions.

The objective of the consultants and experts that make up your team is simple: supported by industry-leading technology; grow your customer base, increase revenues, and keep ahead of the competition.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Fashion Features

  • Covers the specific needs of the sector

Such as the treatment of size, color, models, seasons, collections, composition, families, subfamilies, size groups within the article data sheet or a multi-segment view of the product throughout the supply chain.

The management of seasons, multi-season, continuity and reduction contemplating new orders and repetition orders, as well as reserves of material per season, the treatment of substitute or the alternative items, the management of blockages by article, color and the size in purchase orders, sales and inventory or the ever so frequent management of international suppliers, in addition to being able to foresee purchases based on orders from previous seasons or the management of returns.

  • Omni-channel

It is prepared to display the physical stock, have it available in all sales channels and enable global management of commercial agreements: adjustments, discounts, multi-product mix discounts, volume discount and the management of commercial templates for large-scale sales.

Additionally, it enables calculating commissions according to the type of order, season, the family of item or order volume.

  • Other high-value features for the sector

The management of defects and exchanges, with their reasons for return, risk management, affecting different points of the supply chain, management of sales forecasts and procurement by master planning, integrated transport and logistics management, WMS and mobility, both in warehouses, with integration with the main manufacturers, and in the entry of seasonal orders, with specific applications or by means of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Portal.

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