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D365 Training

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Services and Benefits

Our Microsoft Dynamics Partners offer a varied Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training packages that suit the requirements of your business and more specifically, the needs of your users.

Whether they are an advanced or competent user or are in fact using Microsoft Dynamics for the first time, training is essential to realize the full potential of the application and to ensure successful user adoption.


MS Dynamics 365 brings together the capabilities into one cloud-based, end-to-end offering. Increase productivity, engage with customers and protect the data with Dynamics 365. With their knowledge and expertise of Microsoft Dynamics 365, they can work with your business to develop a solution tailored to you.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Services

  • Get Rid of Handbooks and Tutorials

Implement interactive onscreen guides to steer employees step-by-step & in real time through processes within any software application.

  • Create a Great Employee Experience

Eliminate stress and train all your employees directly at their desk while they accomplish their daily tasks.

  • Increase Productivity

Train all employees simultaneously, automate on-boarding and offer permanent on-demand support in software applications so that everybody is fully and constantly operative.

  • Train People Everywhere

With us, you can onboard and train people on how to use the software in every location as well as remote workers without additional logistics.

  • Cut Training costs

They provide an e-learning solution that simply acts as an overlay on top of any other software eliminating the need for formal training, training materials, or retraining.

They offer a range of Microsoft Dynamics training services to support the whole life cycle of the end-user training phase, ensuring your project team can focus on the core project at a crucial stage. Every project is different and hence their approach is also unique to you. They can provide either a fully managed training solution or fill the skills gap in your internal team.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Benefits


  • The professional will learn how to create a project plan, define a project plan and how to set the deadlines for the same.
  • Professional will learn how to schedule the tasks based on their dependencies.
  • After the completion of the training professionals will add and create the resources, delegate tasks to them and enter costs for resources.
  • They will be responsible for viewing the critical path and the slack.
  • Our Microsoft Dynamics training program covers case studies to make the professionals understand the implementation.
  • They provide a systematic approach towards learning which is both instructor-led and classroom training programs.
  • Track the project so that delayed tasks can be rescheduled.
  • Professionals will learn how to format the projects and create templates.

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