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Dynamics AX Updates

AX 2012 Features that were Postponed

This topic lists the features of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 that were postponed. These features weren’t included in Dynamics AX implementation in Microsoft Dynamics AX 7.0.

Dynamics AX implementation


In the following table, the Current status column indicates whether the feature has been done for Dynamics AX implementation since the AX 7.0 release.

Postponed features of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Axapta 2012 feature that was postponed Description Current status
Absence management in HR  Functionality for entering the absence transactions isn’t added in Finance and Operations.  Additionally, functionality for approving absence transactions as a manager isn’t included. Setup capabilities that are required for the integration with other modules are available through the  Human Resources 2 configuration key.  Implemented  in Dynamics  365 for  Talent
Alerts  Alerts support the users keep track of data changes in the system.  Implemented  in Platform  update 15
Bank payment order for Latvia and Lithuania  You can print the payment order for Latvia and Lithuania.  Not  implemented  in Dynamics AX implementation
Bankgirot AP return format for Sweden  The Bankgirot return format is used to import the bank return messages.  Not  implemented in Dynamics AX implementation
Client drag-and-drop  The web client controls have app programming interfaces (APIs) for drag-and-drop operations, but these APIs are based on the deprecated desktop client technology and must be redesigned so that they work on a new web client platform. APIs that support drag-and-drop operations will be reviewed for inclusion in a future update.  Not  implemented  in Dynamics AX implementation
Client right-to-left (RTL) layout  RTL layout is now supported.  Implemented  in Platform  update 2
Cost accounting  The Cost accounting module is designed to meet the requirements of the internal costs and profitability reports at multiple organizational levels. To define the cost object level, the module depends on the correct mapping of financial dimensions. The module lets you perform the advanced allocations of the cost origin from the expenditures that are registered in a general ledger.  It also lets you compare the realized costs and budgeted costs.  Implemented  in version  1611
Customer self-service (CSS)  CSS allows you to create approved customer records. It also allows users to see selected product catalogs, order items, and view the status of invoices. Additionally, CSS provides the ability to create and follow return orders.  Not  implemented in Dynamics AX implementation
Customizable help topics  The ability to create customized help topics has not yet been done for Dynamics AX implementation. Custom task guides and custom field support are available.  Not  implemented in Dynamics AX implementation
Employee self-service (ESS)  ESS shows employees several tiles which have task-related and career-related data on a single page. Employees can see the pending work items and click links that open pages where they can take action on their tasks. ESS pages also display employees the status of their certifications, when their next performance reviews are scheduled, skills, goals, and compensation information, and other data, such as balances for vacation and sick time.  Employees can also access the company directory from their Employee self-service page.  Implemented  in version  1611
External questionnaire and the recruiting functionality  Functionality for the externally posting questionnaires and open jobs will be added to Talent in a  future update.  External questionnaire functionality hasn’t been implemented.
Recruiting the functionality is available in the Attract app for the Talent.
Fiscal printers for Poland  Integration with the Polish fiscal printers enables the required data to be sent to the fiscal printer in the correct format during invoice posting. Examples of the Polish fiscal printers add the Posnet Thermal and Elzab Omega printer types.  Not  implemented
General budget reservations  The General budget reservations document is sometimes referred to as a commitment. Public sector entities often use this document to set aside or earmark the budgeted funds so that they aren’t available for another purpose.  Not  implemented
Graphics tab on the Fixed asset value model and the Depreciation book profile pages  The chart shows the depreciation, accumulated depreciation, and net book value over time.  Users can click the Data tab to see more detailed information than the chart shows. This chart will be redesigned in the future update.  Not  implemented
Intelligent Data Management Framework (IDMF)  IDMF is an add-on tool that lets the system administrators optimize performance. IDMF assesses the health of the app, analyzes the current usage patterns, and helps reduce database size.  Not  implemented
Microsoft Project client integration  The Microsoft Project client is integrated with the projects.  Implemented  in version 7.2  (July 2017  update)
Procurement site  In previous versions, the Employee self-service procurement site lets you enter requisitions for employees, view the status of an order (created, received, or receipt confirmed), and request onboarding of a new vendor. Different procurement catalogs could be configured to show on the site depending on the policy. Procurement catalogs could also be designed by including new nodes. In the current version, the procurement catalog capabilities are reduced and are used only to limit the products that can be ordered for an organization. The structure is based on the Procurement categories hierarchy. Additionally, on the procurement site, the employee could approve the vendor invoice and confirm receipts in relation to the requisitions and derived the purchase orders.  Not  implemented
Secure global address book  The ability to help secure the global address book by legal entity and address book hasn’t been implemented in Dynamics AX implementation yet.  Not  implemented
Vendor collaboration  Dynamics Axapta 2012 provided vendor portal capabilities via Enterprise Portal. These capabilities have been ported to the Financial and Operations. In version 7.1, a vendor could view and respond to purchase orders. In version 7.3, the vendor can see and respond to the RFQ’s. Vendors can also see and edit the selected data from the vendor record such as addresses, contact information, and contact persons, and they can upload documents in relation to their certifications.    Implemented  in version  7.3
Vendor requests – the external request to become a new vendor  Dynamics Axapta 2012 provided the ability for an anonymous user to sign up to be a vendor in the system, which could lead to the vendor request for including the new vendor to the vendor master. In version 7.3, the anonymous request from the prospective vendor can be imported via the entity, which can lead to inviting the vendor – or the vendor’s contact person – to register the extra details about the prospective vendor. The data provided is included in a new vendor request that can be reviewed and approved via a workflow process. Approval of the vendor request leads to the creation of a new vendor account in Finance and  Operations.    Implemented  in version  7.3
Vendor requests in general  Dynamics Axapta 2012 had the concept of vendor requests that are served as various purposes related to updating vendor-related information, such as requesting new procurement categories for the vendor, the internal employees requesting new vendors, or requesting to include the vendor to another company. Only the vendor’s request of being added as a vendor has been implemented in Dynamics AX implementation in version 7.3. Not implemented in Dynamics AX implementation

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