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Dynamics AX Updates

Dynamics AX HCM Personalization of Workspaces

It is very easy to personalize your Microsoft Dynamics AX HCM workspaces in the New Dynamics AX. Let’s makes some changes to the Dynamics AX HCM workspaces that are delivered out of the box.

Create the Employee Self Service workspace and expand the Compensation card.

Dynamics AX HCM

Employee Self Service workspace

Click on the annual salary to open the Compensation history.

Annual Salary

Annual Salary

Let’s get rid of the currency column since everyone is paid in USD. Right click on the Currency column and choose Personalize currency. Click to the Hide box to remove the column.

Now the Currency column no longer displays on the page.



Let’s rearrange the Hourly equivalent so that it is displayed before the Monthly equivalent instead of after. Right click to the Hourly equivalent field and choose Personalize Hourly equivalent. Click on Personalize this form.

Note that a toolbar is shown. It will allow modifying many elements of this page.

Choose the second icon from the left to indicate that you want to move a column. Then click on the title and hold down on the mouse, dragging the column to the left until the vertical line is to the left of the Monthly equivalent column name.

Release the mouse and then the column will be moved to the intended position.

Now let’s include some additional information to our Employee self-service workspace. You may have the highly used page like the Position hierarchy that you would like to have on the workspace. Let’s include that page as a tile on the workspace.

Use the menu to open the Position hierarchy page. Select the Options menu and click on Add to the workspace. Find the workspace called Employee self-service. Click on Configure. When the slider appears, turn off tile counts and then click Ok.

Now open the Employee self-service workspace. Note that the Position hierarchy tile has been created.

You can also personalize the text that shows in the Dynamics AX HCM workspace tile. Let’s change the description of the tile that displays how many tasks are assigned to me.  We will make it My Approvals and Notifications. Right, then click on Personalize Work items assigned to me. Change the text to My Approvals and Notifications.

You can also include key tiles to your dashboard so that you can access them directly from the dashboard, saving you from opening the Employee self-service workspace first.

Let’s add Open jobs to our dashboard. Right click on the Open jobs tile and choose Personalize Open jobs. Click on the Pinto dashboard check box.

Now click on the Dynamics AX text on the toolbar to show your dashboard. Scroll down to the Employee self-service workspace. You will see the Open jobs tile represented as the line under the Employee self-service workspace. Note that the count of open jobs is also chosen.



The New Microsoft Dynamics AX HCM provides many ways to customize the environment to match your needs.

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