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AX HR Management for Absence/Leave Management

Workers are the key assets for professional’s services firms and obtaining control over the workers capacity cost and workers availability is always a key to success. Moreover managing employee leaves/absences in AX HR management is always a key aspect of Human resources operations for every organization. Organizations always look for a flexible and effective leave management system, when they choose an ERP to implement.

The Axapta Human Resource Management module of Dynamics AX 2012 provides a very effective absence management functionality which is simple to set up and use and also enables organizations to have their employees to use the enterprise portal to submit and approve leave requests.

Key features and Benefits:

Below few points represent the key features and benefits of Absence management functionality of Dynamics AX 2012.

  • Simple to configure and easy to use.
  • Easily merge the absences and associate absence codes with them.
  • Register past absences.
  • Request for future absences.
  • Setup the validation rules for the absence types such as employees cannot avail more than 3 casual leaves consecutively.
  • Option for absence administrators to register absence for multiple workers acting as a delegate.
  • Option for workers to request absences and approvers to approve them in the Enterprise portal, when away from the office/work.

Configuration and Absence management Process:

This section of the post will explain the necessary setup required to enable absence recording in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

  1. Absence Groups: The first step is to create the Absence Groups. The absence groups are used to group various absence types such as Holidays, Sickness, Jury duty etc. Absence groups are mandatory data for setting up absence codes.
    • Navigate to AX HR management (HRM) > Setup > Absence > Absence Groups.
    • Create a new record and enter the absence group id and description.
    • Additionally, enable the Registration to enable absence recording in the Time and Attendance process.
AX HR management

Absense Groups

2. Absence Codes: The absences codes represent the reasons for the employee absences. These are are the codes against the employees will register absences. Additionally, the validation rules can be set up on the absence codes as per requirements. Example of the absence codes are Sick, Injury, Jury, Vacation, Leave etc.

    • Navigate to AX HR management (HRM) > Setup > Absence > Absence Codes.
    • Create the new absence codes such as the Jury, Sick, Illness etc.
    • You can setup the validation rules which will enable validation such as an employee can take only 3 days Funeral leave in a series etc..
Absense Codes

Absense Codes

3. Absence Setup: It is required sometimes to have the multiple absence administrators, multiple absence period frequencies, multiple working times(Hours, Days) for different groups of workers. The absence setup allows accomplishing this. The Person in charge is the Absence administrator who will review and approve or reject or cancel the absences.

    • Navigate to AX HR management (HRM) > Setup > Absence > Absence Setup.
    • Create the new records and setup Person In charge, Period unit( Month, Week, Month-Fixed and No Period), and Working time.
    • Absence setups are added to workers to enable them for the absence of registrations.
Absense Setup

Absense Setup

4. Absence Setup for Worker: The Absence related parameters need to be set up in the Worker details form as shown in the screen below.

We are now done with all the setups necessary for absence registrations. Let us not take a quick look at how employees can register absences. In Microsoft Dynamics AX, employees can register absences both in rich client and Enterprise portal.

Recording Absences In AX Rich Client:

  • Before the employees can register absences in a given absence period, absence journals must be created by the absence administrators for that period.
  • Navigate to AX HR management (HRM) > Periodic > Absences > Create absence Journals to create absence journals for workers.


  • To register the absences, go to the Home > Absences > Register Absences.
  • Create the new records and enter the dates and absence code for each day.
  • You can also create an absence series such as Vacation for 5 days/10 days etc..
  • The Notes section will contain the notes from the absence of registrar and absence approver if any.
    • After creating the absences, Click to the Transfer to transfer the absences for approval. This will transfer the absence details to the approver for review and approval.
    • The Approver can go to the Home > Absences > Approve the Absence Requests.
    • Approver can click to the Approve/Reject button to approve or reject the absences.

    Using the absence management function, the employees can also request for the future absences, and 1 absence Administrator can register absences for multiple workers as the delegate.

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