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Dynamics AX Updates

Dynamics AX LCS or F&O Support

This article explains how to get help with Finance and Operations or Microsoft Dynamics AX Life Cycle Services (Dynamics AX LCS).

Contact support

Use the data in this article to contact Microsoft if you have technical questions about Finance and Operations, or if you need help accessing Microsoft Dynamics AX Life Cycle Services (Dynamics AX LCS).

Finance and Operations support

To use the Help tool, you must have previously created the project in Life Cycle Services and installed and ran the System diagnostics in your environment. If you purchased a support plan, such as Premier Support or Advance Support for Partners, you will need to add it to AX Life Cycle Services (Dynamics AX LCS) Support before you create a new ticket. Report production outage provides a quick and effective channel to escalate issues to Microsoft Support in the event that the services in a production environment are degraded or become unavailable.

The production outage is defined as one or more system-wide Issue in a live production environment that impact multiple users and prevent your business from performing daily operations. All users that have been included in a customer’s implementation project have access to this feature. This adds project owners, organization admins, team members, and environment managers.

To obtain support for Finance and Operations or AX Life Cycle Services (Dynamics AX LCS), use the resources in the following table.

Task More information

the confirmation  Go to the Dynamics 365 for the Finance and Operations community page to find help with your questions from the Dynamics community.
Use the Issue search tool.  In LCS, use problem search to quickly search for Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) articles, hotfixes, and workarounds for reported problems in the Finance and Operations. You can see which reported problem are in the process of being fixed or have already been fixed for the specific functional area. For more information, see Issue search (Life Cycle Services, LCS).
Use the Cloud-powered support tool.  In AX Life Cycle Services (Dynamics AX LCS), the Support tile is a tool that helps you manage support incidents. To submit problems directly to  Microsoft, go to the Support tile in your LCS project. From there, you can submit  problems in 2 ways:

  • On the Active issue tab, choose your issue, and then click to the Submit to Microsoft.
  • On the Submitted to Microsoft tab, click to the Submit the new Incident to submit the problem.

Note: Microsoft Premier Customers and Partners can also submit premier help tickets using the steps above.

Open the support ticket with the Finance and Operations help team.  If you have problems when you try to submit the ticket to Microsoft from the Support tile in LCS, see Contact  Microsoft Business Solutions Support for information about to contact a Microsoft Dynamics Regional  Operations Center. The support team can help you to resolve the following types of technical problems:

  • Errors that occur when you use LCS or issues that occur when you try to access Dynamics AX LCS.
  • Errors occur when you use Finance and Operations.

For technical questions that are related to signing in to and accessing CustomerSource, e-learning,  Search, Knowledge Base, file download, and page or system errors, go to Website Support.

Get support with questions about the Finance and Operations licensing.  Contact your partner, large account reseller, or Microsoft sales representative.
Use the LCS Event monitoring dashboard.  To see the current health status of the platform and the services, go to Environments section of your  LCS project.

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