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Dynamics AX Updates

AX Project Management and Accounting Add-in

The Dynamics Axapta Project Management and the Dynamics AX Accounting Add-in integrate with Project management and accounting and Human resources so that you can manage projects that consist primarily of worker services. You can use the features for Dynamics AX project management and Dynamics AX Accounting, such as contract management, quotations, budgeting, project policies, and project parameters and categories, together with the Project Management and Accounting Add-in.

Use the Dynamics Axapta Project Management and the Dynamics AX Accounting Add-in to identify and schedule workers who have specific project experience, and to manage direct and indirect costs for service projects. You can use the Project Management and the Accounting Add-in to invoice customers for billing that are specific to the service industry and to manage the payments to a vendors who are subcontractors on your projects.

Key Features

The Project Management and Accounting Add-in include the following features:

  • Other worker attributes – Assign the attributes for the project skills and experience to the worker. For more information, see Set up worker attributes.
  • Resource-based scheduling – Search for the workers, and assign workers to projects when worker skills and availability match the requirements and schedules of the projects.
  • Project-based scheduling – Search for the workers, and assign workers to projects, based on the requirements of the projects.
  • Resource-assignment analysis – View analyses of project activities by the worker, by the department, and by the project.
  • Indirect cost components – Identify the indirect costs, define calculations for indirect cost amounts, and allocate the indirect costs to a project.
  • Define billing rules to calculate the customer invoice amounts in the following scenarios:
    • Customer advance – Create the customer invoice before the project starts.
    • Project milestone – Create the customer invoice when the project activity is completed.
    • Per unit – Create the customer invoice when a specific unit of the project is delivered.
    • Customer retention – Create the customer invoice, but with hold part of the invoice amount until the project is done.
    • Administrative fee – Create the customer invoice, and include an administrative fee that you and the customer have agreed on.
    • Customer payment retention release – Create the customer invoice when the amounts that were retained by a customer are released by the customer.
  • Vendor payment retention – Retain part of the payment to a vendor. For example, you can retain the  percentage of a vendor invoices until you confirm the quality of the work that the vendor performed on a project.
  • Pay when paid – Schedule the payments to a vendors when you receive payments from the customers for projects.

Before you begin to work in the Dynamics AX Project Management and Microsoft Dynamics AX Accounting Add-in, set up the parameters for the project management and accounting. By presetting these values, you can automate some of the data entry when you create documents for Project Management and Accounting Add-in transactions. You can override the default values when you create the documents.

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