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Dynamics AX Updates

Dynamics AX T&L Manager Security Role

The manager security role represents the user who sets up, maintains, and configures the network planning which is used in the transportation management processes. This role is available if Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 is installed.

Dynamics AX Trade & Logistics

Dynamics AX T&L

Dynamics AX T&L

Dynamics AX Trade & Logistics is one of the effective tools of the Dynamics AX family. It aids the organizations to maintain Supply Chain Foundation and Bills of Materials (BOM). It provides the flexibility of managing and buying the inventory as per the requirements.

Configuration keys enabled by this license code

The below configuration keys are controlled by this license code:

  1. Customer self-service configuration key (CSS)

2. Sites purchasing configuration key (SitesPurchasing)

3. Trade configuration key (LogisticsBasic)

4. Send electronically configuration key (AxdSend)

Dynamics AX Trade & Logistics Capabilities:

Dynamics AX Trade & Logistics owns some advantageous capabilities that help it to top the charts in helping the organizations for managing inventories. Let’s get an insight into some of the capabilities:

Enhance Inventory Levels

MS Dynamics AX T&L support provides a powerful forecasting functionality that helps in making long-term plans for optimizing the inventory level. Users can also generate sales and purchase prediction reports depending upon the time span and items. Dynamics T&L also uses a countless amount of forecast models to predict numerous future processes.

Get a detailed insight about inventory

Dynamics AX T&L is a dominant tool used in categorizing the inventories based on items and storage space. This assists in getting a thorough sketch of the inventory as and when required. Tracking of items is also possible by using batch numbers with the assistance of Dynamics AX T&L. Users can also take a look at the documents associated with the items in inventory by taking the aid of the tree-graphic model. It also provides direct access to the information as to where were the items used and where they could be found.

Create bills of material with ease

Graphical tree-structure makes it easier to make BOMs in the user-friendly environment. BOM design shows all the levels of it and related items can be dragged and dropped into BOM from the inventory stage and generate them depending upon drag-and-drop technology provided by Microsoft.

Flexible management of BOMs

Dynamics T&L helps in getting exact information about the material requirement and costing by giving flexible ways to manage bills. An accurate idea of raw material consumption in various BOM levels can be tracked and managed easily. Multiple levels in BOM can be created that can be used under various BOM versions dates. Older BOM versions can also be accessed by using the date option.

AX T&L support

AX T&L support


By default, this security role is assigned the below duties in Microsoft Dynamics Axapta.

Duty name Duty AOT name Duty description
Maintain the global address book master  DirAddressBookMasterMaintain  Maintain the global address book  master
Maintaining appointment scheduling master  TMSAppointmentScheduleMasterMaintain  Maintain appointment scheduling master
Inquire into appointment scheduling master  TMSAppointmentScheduleStatusInquire  Respond to inquiries about  appointment scheduling master data
Maintain carrier and the network planning, master  TMSCarrierMasterMaintain  Create, edit and delete shipping  carrier and network planning master  data
Inquire into transportation management engine configuration  TMSEngineConfigurationInquire
Maintain freight reconciliation master  TMSFreightReconcileMasterMaintain
Inquire into freight reconciliation master  TMSFreightReconcileStatusInquire  Respond to inquiries about freight  reconciliation master data
Maintain rating and routing master  TMSRateRouteMasterMaintain
Inquire for the rating and routing transaction  TMSRateRouteOperationStatusInquire  Respond to inquiries about the rating  and the routing transactions
Enable the transportation management process  TMSTransportationMgmtEnable
Review transportation management process performance  TMSTransportationMgmtProcessPerfReview
Inquire into load planning progress  WHSLoadPlanningProgressInquire

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