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Dynamics AX Updates

Dynamics AX BI (Business Intelligence)

Microsoft Dynamics Axapta 2012  provides a selection of pre-built Business Intelligence solutions. Featuring the built-in content such as Role Centers, Analytic Reports and the Analysis Cubes, it provides the solid first crack for your Business Intelligence needs.

Dynamics AX BI


The built-in Dynamics AX BI tools consist of:

  • Role Centers (Dashboards): 32 default home pages for various users within the organization.
  • Analysis cubes: 11 analysis cubes to provide access to the finance, supply chain, manufacturing, professional services, and business process data access.
  • Analytic reports: Over 150 analytic reports to provide you with some idea of what information can be used to measure your companies Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Naturally, as your business develops or if your business already has existing KPI and reports this progression will require you to cater your reports to give data in a quick and easy to digest format. Custom formatting and the custom data will become key to support this process.

Some Other Options For the Business Intelligence with Dynamics AX:


Many businesses will begin by using Dynamics AX 2012 R3 feature to export data to excel as a familiar and easy way of manipulating the data to suit their needs for the Cashflow Budgeting Model or Forecast Model, for example.

Dynamics AX BI


A great thing about this is that it allows for information in their CRM or other systems to be mashed up with the Dynamics AX data to provide a better picture of their business.

Power Views

Dynamics AX BI also has embedded the SQL Power Views that can be accessed from a button called Analyze data on your ribbon. This will allow you to understand the hidden trends behind the data. This will open the SQL Power View where the user is presented with an extended set of tables and fields for easier analysis.

Tableau and Dynamics AX

Tableau is the user-oriented dash-boarding tool that is easy to use and has a great amount of user community support. Connecting to AX with the Tableau and blending data together from other sources is a common practice for businesses. it allows for easy integration and the connections between your CRM, financial, and other systems, which can provide you with the visibility to understand your business better.

Unlike the Business Intelligence tools built into Dynamics AX (Dynamics AX BI), Tableau has the ability to connect to all sorts of sources and bring it together to produce visually stunning dashboards. These dashboards can tell the stories of how your sales pipeline is doing to how your support team is handing issues.

Utilizing what is already given by MS Dynamics AX (the Microsoft SQL Cubes) we can connect Tableau to them and connect your CRM data mart to provide your company with a better and more comprehensive dashboarding solution.

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