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Missing Sales Orders in Microsoft Dynamics AX

I experienced this issue of missing Sales Orders while working on my last assignment. As this functionality is new to Axapta 2012 we spent time troubleshooting, and since this was not documented anywhere I have decided to share our results with anyone out there who has lost your sales orders/customers. Also one of our members raised this question, I have listed out the possibilities below

Below is the empty Missing Sales Orders screen:

Missing Sales Orders

Missing Sales Orders

The following are the steps to recreate this issue so you can see if it is what you are dealing with:

  1. Make sure that “Use duplicate check” is enabled in Global Address Book parameters
  2. Create a new user
  3. Create new employee
  4. Go to User Relations, associate User with Worker
  5. Go view Sales Orders (everything is viewable)
  6. Go to the customer and add the contact with the same name as worker record
  7. When the dialog box opens indicating you can create the new contact or choose an existing record, select the global address book (GAB) entry for the worker record previously created
  8. Return to Sales Orders, NONE will be visible

If this is the issue you are able to see then it is actually working as designed. The reason for this is because contacts related to customers are meant to be external and don’t get a view of the Sales Orders list.

How can you make the Sales Orders visible?

  1. Go to System administration – Users
  2. Select User – Setup – Relation
  3. Delete associated worker
  4. Go back to the Customer record; Under Accounts click Contacts – View contact
  5. Select the contact you want to remove
  6. Click Delete
  7. Go back to the Sales Orders and you will be able to see all sales orders again.

Since there were a lot of queries on Sales Orders, I have published a few articles which will help people in Microsoft Dynamics AX

For voided Sales Orders, click here.

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