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Microsoft Dynamics Navision Training

Microsoft Dynamics Navision Training

We helps organisations to build internal capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics Navision Training by equipping identified internal super users with the right delivery skills, tools and role-based process knowledge to ensure effective training delivery.

Microsoft Dynamics Navision Training

Microsoft Dynamics Navision Training

Our team of Consultants are experts in their fields of business, both in the business software and in industry practices. This means that we are able to provide the training to various levels of technical ability to suit any job function. We provide training as standard to our customers when implementing Microsoft Dynamics Navision.

Microsoft Dynamics Navision Training Types

  • Individual Classroom Training

Optimum develop interactive classroom sessions with real-life exercises to engage the delegates, consolidate learning and inspire them to apply the learning. We use proven techniques to facilitate the NAV learning curve, and aid retention.

  • Instructor-Led Online (ILO) Courses
Instructor-Led Online Courses

Instructor-Led Online Courses

Our online training simplifies the issue of end users being geographically dispersed. This means we can give a cost-effective, highly efficient training course to anyone, anywhere.

  • Classroom Training


Classroom Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training is a ‘hands-on’ training session led by an experienced Optimum training consultant that allows delegates the opportunity to learn and practice in a controlled environment.

  • On-Site Training

Training can be held at your business location or delivered via our Classroom technology to accommodate your team plus remote team members or in a completely virtual Instructor-Led Online format if all candidates are remote.

  • E-learning


We are experts in creating high quality Microsoft Dynamics e-Learning for all system applications, producing three digital learning options:

1. Interactive e-Learning

Interactive e-Learning is built to require the learner to input and interact with the learning. This is achieved through system simulation, exercises and quizzes.

2. Passive e-Learning

Passive e-Learning modules are tutorials with no user interaction and allow the demonstration of a process being completed on screen along with an optional audio commentary.

3. Concept e-Learning

Concept e-Learning modules are light-hearted videos used to give a general understanding of a topic, module or work stream to a wide-audience.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training on the most advanced technologies. This commitment extends into the every aspect of our business.

Our mentors are qualified Microsoft Dynamics Navision experts with critical deals and execution experience. This outcomes in a rich and compensating learning background that offers an in-depth data, as well as provides members the intuition of knowledge into a genuine summary.

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