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Microsoft Dynamics Support Services

This article explains about Microsoft Dynamics Support and how to get help with Finance and Operations or Microsoft Dynamics Life Cycle Services (LCS).

What can your Microsoft Dynamics Support hours be used for?

  • Functional Design
  • Best Practice Guidance
  • Performance Tuning & Optimization
  • Training
  • Error Resolution
  • Product Road Mapping Guidance
  • Architecture, Workflow, and Efficiency Guidance

Microsoft Dynamics Support Services

The support packages provided by our partners can be tailored to your specific requirements and are costed based on the parameters that add to the complexity of your Microsoft Dynamics setup for example; the number of employees supported, the number of third-party add-ons and the level of customization of the platform implemented.

Microsoft Dynamics Support

Microsoft Dynamics Support

To obtain support for the Finance and Operations or LCS, use the resources in the following table. These resources are listed in the order that you can follow when you’re troubleshooting.

Task More information
Ask the community. Go to the Dynamics community page to find help with your questions from the Dynamics community.
Use the Issue search tool. In LCS, use the Issue search to quickly search for Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) articles, hotfixes, and workarounds for reported issues in Finance and Operations. You can see which of the reported issues are in the process of being fixed or have already been fixed for a specific functional area.
Use the Cloud-powered support tool. In LCS, the Support tile is a tool that helps you manage the support incidents. To submit the issues directly to Microsoft, go to the Support tile in your LCS project. From there, you can submit the issues in two ways:

  • On the Active issue tab, select your issue, and then select Submit to Microsoft.
  • On the Submitted to Microsoft tab, select Submit a new Incident to submit the issue.

Note: Microsoft Premier Customers and the Partners can also submit premier support tickets using the steps above.

Open support ticket with the Finance and Operations support team. The support team can help you resolve the following types of technical issues:

  • Errors that occur when you use the LCS or issues that occur when you try to access LCS.
  • Errors that occur when you use the Finance and Operations.
Get help with the questions about Finance and Operations licensing. Contact your partner, large account reseller (LAR), or the Microsoft sales representative.
Use the LCS Event monitoring dashboard. To see the current health status of the platform and the services, go to the Environments section of your LCS project.

Supports are provided for the following:

  • Manufacturing

Prevent unexpected shutdowns and the costly downtime in your factories and offices.

  • Field Service

Make sure your field technicians have access to your connected system, no matter where they are or time of day.

  • Energy, Oil, and Gas

Stay productive and keep all your operations connected across the geographies.

  • Rental

Always keep the portals and your database up and running–making sure you’re always available for your customers.

Microsoft Dynamics Technical Support


Before you can set up the technical support, you must acquire a Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account. This account is created during the subscription setup for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Create an Azure DevOps Project

The Support tile in a Life Cycle Services (LCS) project uses Azure DevOps to store issues that are submitted through the client and issues that are manually created from the Support tile in LCS. This functionality requires that an Azure DevOps project is configured in the LCS project that you want to use for the support.

All the users who need to use the Support tile to submit an issue must have access to the Azure DevOps project and must authorize LCS to access Azure DevOps on their own behalf. Most users don’t have access to LCS or Azure DevOps. Therefore, in the Azure DevOps project, you should create a special system account that can be used to submit the issues.

Configure LCS

  • Sign in to LCS by using an account that has the Owner role for the LCS project that the Finance and Operations is deployed in.
  • Open the project in LCS.
  • Click Project settings, and then select the Azure DevOps link.


  • Click Setup Azure DevOps.
  • In Azure DevOps site URL field, enter the URL of the Azure DevOps project that you created in the previous section.
Project settings

Project settings

  • In Personal access token field, enter the personal access token that you created in the previous section.
Visual Studio setup

Visual Studio setup

  • Click Continue.
  • Select the VSO project to use, and then select Continue.
  • Click Save.
  • Click Authorize.
  • In the confirmation message box, click OK.
  • Sign in to Visual Studio Online.
  • Click Accept.

View Issues

In the LCS Support tile, issues are stored as the work items in the Azure DevOps project that is associated with the LCS project. Specifically, the issues are stored as work items of the Issue or Impediment type, depending on the type of Azure DevOps project, in the AxAndLcsGeneratedIssues area.

Every work item of one of those types in that area will be included in the list of issues in the Support tile. If an issue is modified in the Azure DevOps, the changes will be reflected in Support issues. Issues can be assigned to any user in the Azure DevOps project. Users don’t need to have access to LCS to work with issues in Azure DevOps.

Support Settings

Note: The information in this section is not applicable to the on-premises deployments.

When you deploy Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations from Life Cycle Services, no configuration is required, because the Support tool automatically saves any issues to the same LCS project that Finance and Operations were deployed from. To verify the LCS project that Support uses, go to the System administration > Setup > System parameters, and then click Help > Support Contact.

Contact support

Contact support

The following customer and partner support plans are available for the on-premises deployments.

1. Customer

  • Software assurance
  • Advantage/Advantage Plus
  • Premier

2. Partner

  • Partner Advantage/Partner Advantage Plus
  • Advanced Support for Partners
  • Premier

By default, System user role has the privilege, SysLCSCPSIssueEntry assigned. This privilege controls the access to the Contact your support team menu item on the Help menu. If you want to prevent the users from being able to create and submit issues from the client, remove this privilege from the System user role. For more information on MS Dynamics Support partners please go through our partner’s list.

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