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Setting Up a Company With RapidStart Services

You can set up a new company in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central with RapidStart Services, which is a tool that is designed to reduce deployment times, introduce a repeatable approach to implementations and enhance productivity by automating and simplifying recurring tasks and also improve the quality of implementation.

RapidStart Services helps you gain an overview of the setup process of your new company by providing a worksheet in which you can structure the tables often involved in the configuration process of new companies. As you do this, you can create a questionnaire to guide your customers through the collection of setup information.

Your customers have the option of using the questionnaire to set up the application areas, or they can see the setup page directly and do the setup there. The RapidStart Services helps you, as a customer, design the company with the default set up data that you can fine tune and alter.

Lastly, when you use RapidStart Services, you can configure and move the existing customer data, such as a list of customers or items, into the new company.

You can use the following components to speed up your company setup:

  • Configuration wizard
  • Configuration worksheet
  • Configuration packages
  • Configuration templates
  • Configuration questionnaire

There are areas of Business Central that you must set up manually. These include adding users, setting up accounting periods, and setting up dimensions for business intelligence.

Business Central includes standard configurations for most business processes, but you can change the configuration to suit the needs of company.

For example, your chart of accounts is pre-filled with a number of posting accounts ready for use. You can, of course, alter the chart of accounts to suit your needs.

From your Role Center, you can access assisted setup guides that help you configure certain scenarios and add features to Business Central.

Setting Up a Company With RapidStart Services Administration

Central administration tasks are usually performed by one role in the company. The range of these tasks can depend on the companies size and the administrators job responsibilities. These tasks can include handling the database synchronization of job and email queues, setting up users, and customizing the user interface.

Entering the correct setup values from the start is necessary for the success of any new business software. MS Dynamics Business Central includes a number of setup guides that help you set up core data.

Whether you use RapidStart Services to implement setup values or you manually enter them in the new company, you can help your setup decisions with some general recommendations for selected setup fields that are known to potentially cause the solution to be inefficient if defined incorrectly.

Super user or an administrator can set up the Data Exchange Framework to give users to export and import data in bank and payroll files, for example for various cash management processes.

Use the RapidStart Services Implementer Role Center

When you use RapidStart Services, we recommend that you use the RapidStart Services Implementer Role Center as it provides the correct context for your configuration work.

As you continue with your work, you can assign each table the status that reflects where you are in the process. MSD Business Central then keeps track of the table status in the Activities part on the Role Center.

By default, when you add a table to the configuration worksheet, its status is set to blank. This means that configuration of the table has not begun. This is seen in the Not Started count in the Activities tile.

To Update the Status of a Configuration Table

  1. Choose the search icon, enter Configuration Worksheet, and then choose the related link.
  2. Select the Edit List action.
  3. Select a table and in the Status field, choose the appropriate status.
  4. Choose the OK button.

When you return to the Role Center, the tiles in the Activities part are updated to reflect your changes.

To Track the Status of a Configuration Project

  • Open the RapidStart Services Role Center.

In the Configuration Areas part, completion statistics are shown for the areas and groups that you have set up. If you have not set up any groups or areas, this part has no data.

To See a Filtered View of Table Status

  1. Choose the Tables action.
  2. Select the appropriate filtered view.

Set Up Company Configuration

The implementation process begins with the Microsoft partner. The partner is accountable for thoroughly thinking through the configuration details and creating a package that a customer can easily apply.

Before you create a new company, you should plan how it will be configured. You must utilize the basic setup data and the types of data that your Business Central solution will require. You combine all of this information in configuration packages.

RapidStart Services also provides you with the tools that you will use to migrate your legacy data, such as customers and the vendors.

You should create configuration packages with most of the set up tables already filled in, so that the customers only have to alter a few settings after the package is applied. For example, when you create a new company, the No. Series and the No. Series Line tables are filled in with a set of number series and starting numbers.

The corresponding No. Series fields in the setup tables are also loaded in automatically. You do not have to perform the work of entering number series and other basic setup data. You can also manually change all default data that is used with RapidStart Services by using the configuration worksheet.

The configuration packages are built on a pre-configured company. Once you have set up a company that meets your needs, you can create a configuration package that contains relevant data from this company. You can then utilize it when you create a new company that is to be configured in the same way.

To facilitate the import of master data, such as customer and vendor information, you can use configuration templates.

Configuration templates include a set of default settings that are automatically assigned to the records imported into Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. For more information on Setting Up a Company With RapidStart Services, please contact us.

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