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ThingWorx With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Improved Field Service

More companies are leveraging the IoT and Mixed Reality for a connected strategy to improve service operations. ThingWorx industrial innovation platform (a PTC Technology) combined with Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows customers to reduce downtime and resolve service issues faster by scheduling the right resource with the right part and information to complete the job. A typical scenario may entail these steps:

1. A machine in a factory sends a sensor-initiated alert about possible failure to ThingWorx, which resides on the Azure cloud

2. ThingWorx, integrated with Azure IoT, collects and contextualizes the alert information, pulling relevant and supporting data from various systems, such as Windchill PLM (a PTC solution).

3. A comprehensive view of the situation (including IoT data and predictive failure information) is presented to the technical service manager (because of the ThingWorx-Dynamics 365 software connector).

4. The service manager assesses and validates the situation and initiates a trouble ticket.

5. The service truck rolls and the field technician, equipped with all the required physical and virtual tools plus parts, is fully prepared to fix the problem.




Dynamics 365 Connected Field Service also pairs Vuforia Studio (a PTC solution) with Microsoft HoloLens, providing a robust authoring tool that gives technicians access to powerful mixed reality (MR) experiences. For example, techs on site will now be able to use HoloLens (or other industry devices) to visualize assembly and disassembly procedures and make the repair.

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