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< ![CDATA[Hi Deepak, Let me simplify it for you so that you guys can understand better. Say there is a build say 6.x.x.x.1 of AX. Now functional consultant has given a business process doc(functional scenario) for your requirement. Say for example A scenario where you create a journal and post it and check the amounts in the subledger journal. So, to check it, you need to manually do the steps. Instead, you can create an automated test using c# and then run it against the environment and validate the desired subledger values. Why Automation? Say now Microsoft releases a patch in such a way that subledger values are removed(just an example) and only ledger values(as a sum of subledger values) will be only displayed. So when we run our automation test now, we can quickly grab on to the issue as a test case would fail. Now, when we replicate the same steps manually and if we encounter the same issue we can grab on to the issue saying some changes might have gone through x++ in the related object of our business scenario. We can read the details of the changes as it might be the intentional change from MS side and accordingly need to change the validation in the c# scenario. This is a continuous process and business process as mentioned above is hardly the case. There are steps(30–50 steps) that are difficult to replicate every time and are both resource and time consuming when doing manually.]]>

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