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< ![CDATA[Hi Chloe, First, we have to know what is workflow 2.0? Workflow 2.0 allows you to easily configure approval workflows directly inside of Microsoft Dynamics GP. This eliminates the need to install Dynamics GP workflows on top of SharePoint! To setup Workflow 2.0, you need to follow the steps: 1. Workflow Setup. 2. Workflow Calendar. 3. Workflow Maintenance. Workflow Setup
The first step is to go to:
Microsoft Dynamics GP–> Tools–>Setup–>System–>Workflow Setup.
Here you will set up the email options. You can also enable E-Mail Actions if you would like to allow approval via email.
Once you have email setup, you can also edit the email templates for the workflow by going to:
Microsoft Dynamics GP–> Tools–>Setup–>Company–>Workflow–>E-mail Message Setup.
Workflow Calendar
The workflow calendar allows you to specify your companies work hours and holidays. This ensures that the due date/time for workflows do not take into account non-working hours.
You set up the schedule by going to:
Microsoft Dynamics GP–> Tools–>Setup–>Company–>Workflow–>Workflow Calendar.
Workflow Maintenance
The workflow maintenance screen is where you set up each workflow. You can specify the settings, conditions, managers, and approvers for the workflows.
You can access the workflow maintenance screen at:
Microsoft Dynamics GP–> Tools–>Setup–>Company–>Workflow–>Workflow Maintenance.
The main window allows you to set up the workflow managers, select the series, and create new workflows for each workflow type in the series.
When you select a new workflow or click on an existing workflow, you will be brought to the maintenance page where you can perform the following:
1. Name the workflow.
2. Enter a description.
3. Add steps.
4. Configure options.
5. Specify what action is taken when a task becomes overdue.
6. Activate the workflow (only one workflow can be activated per workflow type.
You can add steps to the workflow by clicking “New Step” in the ribbon.
Here you set the step name, order, conditions, completion policy, and whom the workflow will be assigned to.
Once you save the steps, click “Active” in the workflow maintenance window to activate the workflow, and then save the workflow.]]>

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