Reply To: India GST Patch issue on AX 2012 R2


Locus IT

Hello Saurabh,

Most of cases, this issue is due to loading of Z3 assemblies. Please use assembly dependency check tool (for instance Dependency Walker, you could easily get online) to validate all dependencies assemblies of Microsoft.Z3.dll and libz3.dll are well settled in your machine.

For instance you go with Dependency Walker, run it and click “File” => “Open” to select the assembly you want to check,

The result will show we missed some DLLs need for libz3(MSVCP110.dll, VCOMP11.dll and MSVCR110.dll), it is because “Microsoft Visual C++ 2012” is not well installed in your environment. Please follow the link or search installation file online to repair.

Expected result of 2 DLLs: regarding Microsoft.Z3, it should all green without any validation error. Regarding libz3, there might be some bridging dependency issue, but as long as the 4 direct dependencies are well settle like screenshot above, it’s good to go.

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