Reply To: How to resolve conflicts in Retail loyalty card numbers?


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Hello Abigail,

You could use the same loyalty scheme ID and loyalty card numbers to represent different loyalty programs in different legal entities in your organization. For example, Scheme1 in Contoso Canada could have different requirements and rewards than Scheme1 in Contoso USA.

Also, Card1 could be issued to a Contoso Canada customer and also to a Contoso USA customer. In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, you can have multiple loyalty programs, but the loyalty scheme ID and the loyalty card numbers must be unique.

After the upgrade process is completed, you must manually resolve conflicts in loyalty card numbers. We recommend that you resolve any conflicts before you process any loyalty transactions for new or existing customers.

1. Click Retail > Setup > Loyalty > Resolve conflict cards.
2. In the Resolve conflict cards form, in the New card number field, enter the new card number for each loyalty card in the list.
You can use the existing card number for one card. For example, you have two cards numbered Card1. One is assigned to company CEU, and one is assigned to company CEE. For the card that is assigned to company CEU, enter Card1 in the New card number field. For the card that is assigned to company CEE, enter Card2.
3. Select the rows that are ready to be migrated, and click Migrate. If any card conflicts are not resolved for selected rows, no selected rows will be migrated. Resolve all card conflicts for the selected rows and then click Migrate again.
4. After the migration process is completed, the IsMIgrated check box will be selected for all loyalty card rows that have been migrated. You can view the migrated loyalty card numbers in the Loyalty cards form.

Loyalty card and transaction data is migrated from the RetailLoyaltyMSRCardTable to the RetailLoyaltyCard table. For loyalty cards that have conflicts, after you resolve the conflicts and click the Migrate button, the loyalty card data is migrated from the RetailLoyaltyConflictCard table to the RetailLoyaltyCard table. Loyalty card transactions are migrated from the RetailLoyaltyConflictCardPointTrans table to the RetailLoyaltyCardRewardPointTrans table.

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