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Hello Ruth,

Some optional features of Microsoft Dynamics AX require that additional XPO files be installed before preprocessing for a data upgrade can start. We recommend that you import these files only if the associated feature is installed on your source Microsoft Dynamics AX system, and you want to migrate the data for the feature to AX 2012. The XPO files contain upgrade scripts and forms that are required to prepare the data in your source system for upgrade. These optional XPO files must be installed after the XPO files for the upgrade framework have been installed.

XPO files for optional features
The XPO files for optional features, just like the XPO files for the upgrade framework, are specific to an earlier version of Microsoft Dynamics AX. The correct version is indicated in the file name as follows:
1. AX 4.0: “AX4” or “AX40”
2. AX 2009: “AX5” or “AX50”

All these files are located in the DatabaseUpgrade\XPO folder on the installation media.

XPO files that are related to batch processing are included in the DatabaseUpgrade\XPO folder in AX 2012 Feature Pack, AX 2012 R2, and AX 2012 R3. One file is included for each upgrade path that is supported:

1. PrivateProject_Ax40PreUpgradeFramework_Batch.xpo
2. PrivateProject_Ax50PreUpgradeFramework_Batch.xpo

These XPO files roll back any customizations that you have made to the batch processing class on your source Microsoft Dynamics AX system. To minimize downtime during data preprocessing, we recommend that you import the appropriate XPO file for your system.

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