Upgrade from AX4.0 to AX2009

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    Adrian Cohen

    I have done upgrade from Ax4.0 to Ax2009, I have done my code upgrade I have run all 3 steps for data upgrade (ie presynchronization , synchronization and postsynchronization). All of the 3 steps i had run without any error. While functionality testing i found that every tables are flowing with data. But one of my table ie EmplTable is coming blank ……no records it is coming ……What can be the problem?


    Locus IT

    Hello Adrian,

    Few hints to consider:

    1. If data are visible in table browser, there can be a problem a table linked on the form, e.g. DirPartyTable
    2. If data are not visible in table browser but are in the database, check whether DataAreaId is correct



    Run consistency check under Basic > Periodic. This should fix the issue. Also note that it is always better to run this check in cases like this and also when data is moved between environments.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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