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    Can anyone please tell me what are upgrade reason codes?


    Locus IT

    Hello Saurabh,

    A reason code is a code that users can select to record the reason for a change or transaction, such as a write-down adjustment or payment reversal. You can use the Financial reasons form in Organization administration to create reason codes for a variety of financial modules, or you can alternatively open a reasons form from a specific module to set up reason codes for only that module.

    The Reason Codes are used to provide a narration or description to a transaction might be a change in the normal transaction.
    Reason codes are standardized codes that can be used in various transaction types or changes to field values to provide background data about the transaction.

    Modules affected
    Accounts payable and Procurement and sourcing

    Versions affected
    Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

    Data model changes
    The PurchRFQReasonCode table was merged into the ReasonTable table.

    Upgrade notes
    In previous releases of Microsoft Dynamics AX, you could create reason codes in a separate RFQ reason code form. In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, you create all reason codes in the financial reason codes form.

    During upgrade from an earlier version of Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, the table for RFQ reason codes is merged into the table for financial reason codes. An upgraded RFQ reason code identification number (ID) might be longer than the current limit of 10 characters for reason code IDs. If an RFQ reason code ID is longer than 10 characters, the RFQ reason code ID is truncated during upgrade and numeric digits are added so that the IDs remain unique.

    You can modify the upgraded RFQ reason code IDs to remove the numeric digits. The new ID must remain unique. Use the following procedure to modify a reason code.

    1. Click Organization administration > Setup > Financial reasons.
    2. In the Financial reasons form, select the reason code that you want to modify.
    3. Right-click the reason code, and then select Record info.
    4. In the Record information form, click Rename.
    5. In the Reason code field, enter a new ID for the reason code.
    6. Scroll down the form, and then click OK.


    Andrew Jenson

    Hello Saurabh,

    Reason codes are used to explain why transactions were entered, such as why a request for quotation (RFQ) was rejected. In previous releases of Microsoft Dynamics AX, you could create an RFQ reason code of up to 20 characters. In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, reason codes have a limit of 10 characters.

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