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    Dongguan Qili Blister Products Co. , Ltd. established in 2010, It is a modem company integrating research and development, mold design, production and sales. The Company specializes in supplying a variety of large-scale thick blister products for customers. Over the years, we continue to absorb new technology and process from both domestic and abroad, we arc bold in innovation, have accumulated rich experiences, and have trained a large number of technical staff.
    Qili Blister Products Co. , Lid. has a large number of plastic molding machines. The largest molded product is: 5000mm (length) . 3000mm (width) . 1000mm (height). The thickest blister product is 15mm thick. The Company has several large five-axis CNCs and three-axis CNCs as well as their supporting equipment such as lamp cover machine, bending machine, gong machine, aluminum mold CNC and so on, ensuring the quality and progress of production. The Company’s main products include: transparent PC, acrylic products, automotive interior accessories, electric cars, silk screen aligning blister, refrigerator inner liner, turnover trays, suitcases, surfboards, cruise ships, medical devices, pct trays, TV shells, cultivation pots, showing stands, cosmetics cabinets, car trunks, lampshades, wash basins, bathtubs, shampoo beds, sporting goods dispensers, toy car shells, medical bed boards, electronics industry, furniture industry, food industry, household industry and so on.
    The materials used in the products may be tailored according to customer requirements. Commonly used boards include: glaze, high gloss, matte, dull polish, film and skinny grain PC PMMA PETG PETABS HIPS PP PE PVE ABS * PC composite boards and ABS + PMMA composite boards. Material colors include: red, blue, green, yellow, purple and all other international programmed colors. The Company especially has unique experiences in transparent products such as PC and PMMA.
    The Company pays high attention to quality management by pursuing the business philosophy of winning the future based on “quality and honesty-oriented”. By abiding by the management principles of fast sample making, on-time delivery, reasonable prices, stable quality, and win-win faith, we provide high-quality products and services for our domestic and foreign customers.Customized Acrylic Plastics

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