Is registration mandatory?

Registration to the ICT community portal is not mandatory. But your registration will give you more benefits.

What will the registered member get?

Registered members have access to the following:

Have a personalized profile with both profile photo and cover image

Comment on the posts or articles

Be a part of the different Forums in the ICT community portal

Have an access to the Groups

Initiate the discussions or post enquiries or replies, exchange ideas and thoughts

Invite friends and send requests to other members

Have a private chat with the other members on the ICT community portal

How can I register?

The following steps will help in becoming the registered member.

Click on the Register button which will be directed to Create an Account page.

Enter the username, which will be your profile name and cannot be changed later on.

Enter a valid email address. The activation mail will be sent to this email.

Choose and confirm your password.

Enter the complete Profile details.

The visibility of your personal details in the profile can be set according to the options given.

Once the sign up is completed, a verification link will be sent to your email ID

Click on the verification link and your profile has been activated.

Login to ICT community portal with the same credentials or you can also link your Google account for an easier access.

Can l login with my Google account?

Google account can be used to Login provided you are a registered member. If not please Register to be become a member.

Can I login with Facebook account?

No. Presently only Google account login is permitted.

How to invite my friends to this forum?

Inviting multiple friends at a time is an easier process:

Login to the ICT community portal.

Under your username, click on the Profile.

Your complete profile details will be displayed.

Click on Send Invites option

Enter the email addresses whom you wish to invite.

The default text of the email can also be changed.

Once done click on the Send Invites button below; a maximum of 5 email IDs can be added in one invite

Sent Invites option in the page allows you to view the email addresses to which invites have been sent

Can I have my own display/profile picture?

Yes. The ICT community portal provide every registered member the option to personalize their profile with both display picture and cover image.

Can I view other member profiles?

Click on the Members button, which will display all the registered members in the ICT community portal.

What if I use non existing email ID to register?

Registration to the ICT community portal will not be possible. A verification link is sent to the email ID to activate the profile. Always use a valid email ID.

Will I be receiving lot of junk email notifications?

Members can opt out of receiving any notifications such as on the posts or queries or new articles posted or related to other members.

How to comment on a post?

Login with your credentials and post your comments on Groups, Forums or Articles in the comment box provided. Comments on the articles need to be approved by the webmaster. However you can post unlimited comments on Groups and Forums.

Can I delete my comment?

Yes you can.

Can I publish my posts/articles?

Yes. Send a request to the webmaster to provide you the relevant access.

Will commenting on posts/articles be an offence?

No. Relevant and sensible comments are encouraged.

Is private messaging to members allowed?



Is discussion in Forums limited to any group members?

Discussion in Forums are open to all.

Can I reply to forum topics without being a member?

No. You need to be registered member to reply to.

Can I start a new thread or post a question?

Yes you can, provided there are no replies to that thread.

Can I delete my thread?

No you cannot delete your thread.

How does the forum protect my privacy and keep my account secure?

ICT community portal values every person’s privacy and has taken measures to protect the member data.

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