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D365 Sales Capabilities for Business Application

In this Article, we are going to discuss the D365 Sales Capabilities for Business Applications and its Overview.

The Microsoft D365 sales capabilities in the Spring ’18 release empower your sales team with more intelligence and analytics, deeper integrations with LinkedIn and Office 365, and consistent user experience for web, mobile, and the clients using the Unified Interface framework.

The D365 Sales Capabilities include:

  • Embedded intelligence lets sellers focus on selling. Embedded intelligence collects, manages, and analyzes the diverse information and communications throughout the sales process, and then automatically suggests relevant actions and captures relevant activities to let salespeople spend more time selling.
  • The Embedded intelligence features are introduced with this release:
    • Relationship assistantAuto capture, and Email engagement (previously these were part of a group of the features named Relationship Insights) provide the sales intelligence and are embedded within the Sales app.
    • The Sales app is built on the Unified Interface framework for the consistent user experience. The Sales application

      The Sales application delivers the consistent, uniform, user interface, and follows responsive design principles for optimal viewing on any screen size or device. All core sales entities used in the business processes, including products, goals, and sales literature, run on this responsive platform and conform to common data model standards.

    Dynamics 365 Application for Outlook, LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration, and the Gamification solution all run on the Unified Interface framework.

  • User interface controls use the Common Controls Framework (CCF) for consistency. Controls follow consistent, familiar patterns on every surface of the app, making it easier for sales users to learn and be productive.
  • Enhanced the integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables a seamless sales workflow. On forms, LinkedIn Sales Navigator controls give up-to-date context and insights about companies and LinkedIn members.
  • GDPR and accessibility enhancements. Investments address the European privacy law’s requirements and enhance the accessibility for users who need assistive technologies to interact with the application.
  • The professional user license for streamlined Sales Force Automation (SFA). With the addition of the Professional user license, along with the Enterprise user license currently in the market, you can choose the capabilities that make sense for your specific business requirements.

These additional D365 Sales capabilities are available:

  • Dynamics 365 for Sales insights add-on gives advanced intelligence capabilities to salespeople. The add-on includes Relationship analytics that shows relationship and sentiment health. Relationship analytics analyzes the overall health of the customer relationships by letting salespeople know how they’re spending their time and who they’re interacting with. Relationship analytics also recommends in which customers and opportunities to focus on. Sentiment health analyzes the customer interactions and signals to inform salespeople how satisfied their customers are with their relationship.
  • Self-serve installation of Dynamics 365 for Sales insights add-on speeds onboarding. System administrators can fastly get set up with a simplified installation process.

Built on the Unified Interface Framework

Because the application relies on the Unified Interface framework, the user experience follows consistent, familiar patterns making it easier for salespeople to get up and running quickly and be productive. The interface is responsive and accessible. All controls on the user interface have been designed to improve usability.

These additional capabilities and the solutions are built on the Unified Interface framework:

  • Yammer integration
  • Office 365 Groups
  • Export to Excel
  • OneNote integration
  • Document management using SharePoint and OneDrive for Business
  • Document recommendations
  • Skype for Business integration

Embedded Intelligence

Embedded intelligence (previously known as Relationship Insights) collects, manages, and analyzes the diverse information and communications created throughout the sales process. The application then automatically suggests relevant actions and captures relevant activities to let salespeople spend more time selling.

This includes Relationship assistantAuto capture, and Email engagement.

  • Relationship assistant offers timely and the actionable insights by continuously analyzing customer interaction data stored in Dynamics 365, Microsoft Exchange, and other sources, and then generating a collection of action cards with suggestions for relevant next steps.
  • Auto capture scans the sales user’s Outlook inbox for messages and appointments relevant to deals they’re working in Dynamics 365 and then offers them as candidates for tracking.
  • Email engagement monitors actions taken by the recipients such as opened, clicked on a link, opened an attachment, or replied.

Relationship Analytics

It helps salespeople manage the opportunities pipeline by analyzing relationships and presenting data and insights about the health of customer relationships.

Relationship analytics adds sentiment analysis of Microsoft Office Exchange online email to enhance the relationship health score.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Predictive lead scoring uses the predictive machine learning model to calculate a score for all open leads. The score supports salespeople prioritize leads, achieve higher lead qualification rates, and reduce the time that it takes to qualify a lead. The reasons behind the score include transparency to the model and help salespeople validate the model.

The administration experience allows the business analyst to train the model and apply it to open leads for scoring based on prediction accuracy.

In addition, when there is more information for leads or other related entities, such as accounts, a business analyst can retrain the model and apply it to achieve more accurate results. Plus, the business analyst can change the score ranges for the lead grades to determine lead prioritization for their business, based on qualification rates.




LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration, the salespeople can tap into their professional networks and relationships to improve their pipeline.

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration, business analysts and system admins can add customizable form controls that deliver insights to help salespeople build connections as they work deals.

The controls give a full view into Sales Navigator member or company profiles, or focused views into lead icebreakers, mutual connections, and related leads, as well as account connections, recommended leads, and news.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration controls

LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration controls

Dynamics 365 Gamification

With the Gamification solution, organizations can set up competitions that incentive employees to meet business goals. When employees achieve pre-defined performance metrics, they win prizes, awards, privileges, and recognition.

In addition, the salespeople of any ability can compete and participate in team contests. Go to the Trust Center and you can learn about our industry‑leading accessibility standards.


In this Article, we dealt with D365 Sales Capabilities for Business Applications and its Overview along with their related pictures.

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