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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Training

Enterprise Resource Planning Training or ERP Training software is a collection of consolidated software applications that an organization uses for collecting, storing, managing and interpreting the data from different business activities, including: product planning, manufacturing, purchases, and service delivery.

Many top technology vendors offer ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions that organizations can implement depending upon their size and business requirements.



As Enterprise Resource Planning is a collection of such applications, trainees can choose the right ERP training courses according to their requirements.

Whether your business is new to ERP or simply looking to take better advantage of all the features it offers, our training partners have the tools and resources to help you get more from your software.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Training Types

  • Learning Center
Learning Center

Learning Center

It is a web-based learning management system that allows you to effectively deliver, track, and manage your company’s training needs from one central location.

  • Embedded Education

Embedded Education is a self-paced training module included within a training installation of ERP.

  • Training on Demand

Training on Demand (ToD) videos are short, targeted training courses relevant to individual job roles.

  • Live Instructor-Led Training
Live Instructor-Led Training

Live Instructor-Led Training

You have the option for live onsite and virtual training with our expert instructors using a virtual lab environment.

  • Documentation


A variety of documentation for new and experienced users who are looking for deeper or more technical information on their Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.

Your training needs vary based on who you are training, their skill level, learning style, and topic. During an implementation or upgrade, when on-boarding new employees, or when integrating a new application, your organization will benefit from:

  • A comprehensive, guided, and immersive learning experience
  • Fast and easy answers to questions
  • Online, Interactive and Hands-on learning tools
  • Continuously refined offerings to ensure ease of use

An ERP system is generally used to collect, manage, store, manage and interpret data related to business processes. ERP system helps streamline processes. It helps with business activities such as product planning, purchase, supply chain management etc.

MS partners understand the competitive market scenario and through a structured and updated training program equips you with the skills to streamline the business process in a cost effective manner without compromising on the standards. For more information, please contact us.

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