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Microsoft Dynamics Training

With Microsoft Dynamics Training, learn how to automate the business processes and provide your workforce with the skills to supervise an effective relationship with the customers and the business partners starting from the first contact only.

Our partners provide a wide range of training services that will provide your team with the knowledge and skills required to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment in technology.

Microsoft Dynamics Training services provide your team with the knowledge and skills required to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment in technology.

Whether you are new to MS Dynamics or if you are an experienced user, or somewhere in between, Microsoft Dynamics Training will help you unlock the full capability of the technology.

Microsoft Dynamics Training Types

  • Implementation Training

When you engage with our partners for a new software implementation, knowledge is transferred to your team throughout the project so that there is no overwhelming or confusion.

Implementation Training

Implementation Training

After go-live, our partners monitor your employees adoption of the new solution and provides follow-up training to ensure your success. The training will prepare the relevant personnel to perform the implementation in the correct way to ensure compliance and thus certification.

  • User Training
User Training

User Training

If you or one of your employees needs to learn how to use your software for the first time, our partners offer user training that provides the basic information needed to navigate your product.

This training occurs one or two weeks before the organization goes live on the new system and is intended to provide the final end-users with the detailed knowledge to do every part of their job other than a few areas that are deferred until after the first month-end.

  • Corporate Training

Staying updated is the key to thrive in this competitive age. Corporate training solutions are tangible and will make your teams proactive in the work plan and its execution.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Corporate training’s allow employees to achieve recognition for validated proficiency and expertise in achieving business results. This training integrates proven best practices into business processes and redirect surplus training capital into core business solutions.

Corporate training solutions leverage in-depth knowledge and widespread experience in Technology Training, Induction Training, Product or Application Roll-out Training, making the company a preferred training services partner.

  • Role-Tailored Training

This training focuses on the day in the life of a certain user or department, whether that is either sales, accounting, inventory, human resources or any other division. Typically, a tailored course would be developed in close consultation with an organisation over two stages:

    • Scoping and needs assessment

This will be conducted in consultation with key personnel through interviews and the analysis of available materials. The findings will enable the project team to design a training course most appropriate to the needs of the participants and the organisations partnering objectives.

    • Workshop design and material development

The results from this stage will be utilized in the workshop design and material development to adapt the existing and established training materials to the context of the organisation.

  • Module Training

If you are deploying a new module, or if you need a refresher on how to use a specific part of your software, this training provides a detailed training session for any Dynamics module. The Training module allows for the creation and management of training courses within the company.

Microsoft Dynamics Training Methods

  • Classroom, Workshop or On-site Training
Classroom Training

Classroom Training

Our partners provide training to groups of employees in a boardroom or classroom setting. This can be at your offices, or at any third-party location. Comprehensive instructor led training will get you up to speed quicker than ever. In-person, live virtual or on-site training is performed to fit any schedule and skill level.

  • Remote Training
Remote Training

Remote Training

Remote training is conducted via teleconferencing demonstrations and screen control, by answering questions remotely and by preparing documentation.

Remote Learning occurs when the learner and instructor, or source of information, are separated by time and distance and therefore cannot meet in a traditional classroom setting. Information is typically transmitted via technology so that no physical presence in the classroom is required

  • Train The Trainer

It is one of the most cost effective methods of training is to train the trainer. This training approach focuses on a particular individual who will become the product expert at your company. This will enable them to instruct your employees on the proper use of your software.

This comprehensive training allows the individual to sharpen their skills in determining the needs of the audience, handling hecklers and bring about dramatic improvement in your professional appeal.

Train the Trainer is a model that is often used in the workplace. The trainer trains other employees and at the same time teaches them to train others.

  • Custom Training
Custom Training

Custom Training

The training engagements are tailored to your requirements: what knowledge you need and the format you want. This modular approach allows you to mix and match topics according to the level and needs of the target audience.

Custom Training works closely with agencies to help with their organizational development and professional needs no matter how complex and evolving they may be. It customizes the specifics of the training to meet your needs and objectives. From the outcomes to the location, each detail can be planned to your specifications.

Microsoft Dynamics is a suite of MS ERP and MS CRM applications. Students learn how to leverage MS Dynamics to centralize and analyze their customers, operations, data, technology integration, security and much more. For more information, please contact us.

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