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Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade Services

There are a few options when it comes to the Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade Services. Which one you choose will depend on how much of your existing solution you want to take with you and how old that solution actually is.

Microsoft Dynamics allows you to upgrade and build on the value of your existing Microsoft ERP or CRM solution at a pace that suits your company. Our Microsoft Dynamics Partners work closely with you to decide what works best for your business.

To find the right upgrade strategy for your organisation, it is important to determine the reasons for the new release, the underlying needs of your business and finally, whether or not to upgrade. Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics to connect mission critical systems, streamline operations and surpass business goals.

Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade Methodology

  • Licensing and Pricing Analysis

As with any systems upgrade, there are costs associated with moving to the new platform. Our partners help you understand these costs and the impact of switching to a subscription based pricing model.

  • Upgrade Planning

Prior to starting any Microsoft Dynamics upgrade, defining the environments strategies, testing plans, training documentation goals and plans is important. Our partners begin cutover planning to model what go-live will look like.

  • Data Migration

During data migration, strategies for data cleansing, data retention, historical data and migration plans must be documented. Our MS Dynamics partners utilize proven tools and processes to ensure a successful migration.

  • Integrations Upgrade

Many companies rely on integrations with other platforms. Our partners provide an integration team that develops solutions that overcome restrictions with connecting directly to SaaS environments.

  • 3rd Party Software

Many organizations also rely on a number of 3rd Party ISV applications. Our partners take the lead when upgrading compliant ISV apps, working directly with vendors on your behalf to complete upgrades.

  • Security Review

Organizations with custom security roles need to analyze those roles and determine any changes or new roles. Utilizing best practices, companies are helped in reviewing and configuring security roles and database logging or auditing.

Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade Process

Step 1: Understand Your Plan

Our partners start by meeting with you to understand your expectations and requirements. This permits them to tailor your Microsoft Dynamics upgrade by providing you with personalized best practices and improvements.

Step 2: Upgrade Checklist

Every Microsoft Dynamics upgrade that is done is accompanied by the completion of a checklist.  This checklist confirms that everything is accounted for and that your upgrade can go smoothly.

More complicated upgrades may need an additional Dynamics Upgrade Analysis, like an inspection. From this checklist or analysis, the cost of your upgrade is estimated.

Step 3: Execute

Finally, the upgrade is executed. After backing everything up, the upgrade is conducted in a test environment if required. Starting with your databases and then moving on to your customizations and integrations; fixing any code issues along the way.

Finally the execution is finished by migrating all of the reports and forms into the updated system; adding the new application functionality and conducting the “live upgrade” so you can start using your upgraded Microsoft Dynamics software.

Step 4: Training

Your Microsoft Dynamics upgrade ends with the training you need to be productive on your new system. This usually consists of consolidated “What’s New” training documents and sessions, but also includes delivering more extensive training for new users and anyone else that needs a refresher.

Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade Benefits

  • All-in-One Digital Platform

The best of Microsoft technologies join forces from ERP and CRM to BI and IoT to create the next generation, mobile ready productivity platform.

  • Data Intelligence for All

Turn complex data from all of the apps you rely on into actionable intelligence that can be easily understood, shared, and used to make critical decisions.

  • Reduce Costs and Increase Value

Reduce the hardware and employee costs required to use and maintain applications freeing resources for more value-adding activities.

The Microsoft Dynamics versions that can be directly upgraded from are relatively new, with relatively few users compared to versions that have been around longer.

Why Choose our Partners for Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade?

  • Their Rapid365 pre-configured best practices upgrade speeds migration and adoption.
  • Maximize the value of a “mobile first, cloud first” platform by working with a Microsoft Mobility MVP.
  • They provide ongoing support and system optimization services for Microsoft Dynamics and Azure.
  • Ensure project success with a partner who has a a higher client satisfaction rating over many years.
  • Rely on a long-term partnership with the only Microsoft Dynamics partner.

Preparing for an Upgrade

Think about:

  • How much data do you need to import?
  • Are there any customizations you need to transfer over? Is the functionality enabled by these customizations already supported by Microsoft Dynamics?
  • Are there any third-party apps or services you need to integrate with? Are these supported by Microsoft Dynamics natively, or will they require customization?
  • How many users do you have now? How many will be needed in the new Microsoft Dynamics solution, and at what levels?
  • How much storage will you need? Will you need to purchase extra space?

If you have a particularly dated version of Microsoft Dynamics, or if your business processes have changed since your original implementation, you might want to start afresh with a new solution.

Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics is about more than unlocking new software features it is an opportunity to transform your business and tap into growth potential. For more information on how Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade Services can help your business, please contact us.

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