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MS Dynamics CRM Support

We provide Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support. Microsoft D365 is a powerful solution to allow enterprise operations, but like enterprise solutions, it requires to evolve through customizations to keep pace with changing business needs. Niche skills are needed to service enterprise solutions and almost always, the resolutions demanded by business users have many steep timelines. The volume of service requests through the year isn’t constant or predictable though.

It is easy for an organization to decide what they want to upgrade to the MS Dynamics CRM. However, there is more to the decision than just customization of the CRM and implementation. The employees may undergo various training sessions and be given role-specific dashboards to simplify their job.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support Challenges

  • Unpredictable Quality

As in-house IT teams aren’t CRM specialists, the quality of resolutions is inconsistent.

  • Lack of Responsiveness

As CRM isn’t always the in-house IT teams’ priority, business users have to wait for resolutions.

  • Unjustified costs

As the volume of tickets through the year is unpredictable, the dedicated in-house team doesn’t make financial sense.

  • Vendor-hunt overheads

No sustained relationships, as most vendors demand a commitment to larger work volumes.

There are always those nitty-gritty queries or annoyances that crop up once you start using the system. In many cases, these tend to inhibit the natural course of the workflow and act as spokes to the smooth flow of various processes. Such interruptions can be detrimental as it builds up hostility and negative reaction towards the system from employees and can impede the smooth flow of operation.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support Services

Need time to make the major shift to new CRM? Korcomptenz can help support your current Microsoft Dynamics CRM Environment irrespective of the version that you are on.

  • We provide technical and functional consultants to support your ongoing projects
  • Upgrade services of your old CRM version to the latest CRM 2015/2016
  • Infrastructure (Server Maintenance and Finetuning)
  • Upgrade to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software package developed by Microsoft. The product focuses on sales, marketing, and the service, but Microsoft has been marketing Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management as a CRM platform and has been encouraging partners to use it is once, now Open Source framework to customize it. It is part of the Microsoft Dynamics family of business applications.

Contact us with your questions or want to know more information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support or about Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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