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MSD CRM Updates

Dynamics CRM Campaigns and Quick Campaigns

Dynamics CRM Campaigns

In this Article, you have to learn more about working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Campaigns:

  • Creating a campaign
  • Adding campaign activities
  • Distributing campaign activities
  • Associating sales literature with a campaign
  • Create a campaign template
  • Creating a quick campaign

Creating a Campaign

  1. Go to the navigation bar to the Marketing area in the Dynamics CRM Campaigns.
  2. Click Campaigns in the sitemap.
  3. In the command bar, click New.
Dynamics CRM Campaigns

All campaigns

4. Fill out the data in the General section of a form. This will include name, currency, status reason, campaign type, proposed begin/end dates, and more details as you need to.

New Campaign

New Campaign

5. If you will be tracking your Dynamics CRM Campaigns costs, scroll down to the Financial section of the form and fill out information such as allocated budget, miscellaneous costs, and expected revenue (located in the header).

Financial campaign costs

Financial campaign costs

6. When you have finished the entering details for your campaign, click Save and Close.

Adding Campaign Activities

  1. Navigate to the Marketing area.
  2. Click Campaigns in the site map.
  3. Open the campaign you want to involve the activities to.
  4.  Under the Campaign Activities sub-grid on the right-hand side of the form, click icon, then add the new activity.
campaign Activities

campaign Activities

5. Enter your activity details in the form. When you’re done, click Save. Once it is saved include the Marketing Lists you wish to distribute this Campaign activity to by clicking the + icon in the Marketing Lists sub-grid.

Enter activity details

Enter activity details

Distributing Campaign Activities

  1. Navigate the Marketing area in the site map.
  2. Click Campaigns.
  3. Open the campaign you want to work with.
  4. In Campaign form, locate the Campaign Activity you want to distribute.
  5. Click Distribute Campaign Activity in the command bar.
Distribution campaign

Distribution campaign

6. Fill out the proper details of your activity. If you have an email template ready to send, then click to the Use Template at the top.

7. When you are ready, click Distribute.

Associating Sales Literature

  1. Open the Campaign that you want to add sales literature too. Under the Related Records, menu chooses Sales Literature.

2. Then click to the Add Existing Sales Literature in the command bar.

Add existing sales literature

Add existing sales literature

3. Look up the sales literature you have to add to the campaign, make your selection, and click OK.

4. To change your view back to the campaign form from the Associated Records view click to the title of the campaign.

Create a Campaign Template

  1. In the left-hand navigation, under Marketing, click to the Campaigns, and select the New Template from the command bar.

2. Fill out the proper information for your campaign template.

3. As always, click to Save when you have done.

You can create the campaign template from a campaign you’ve already created. To do this:

  1. Open the campaign that you want to turn into a template.
  2. Click to the Copy as the Template in a command bar.
Copy as template

Copy as template

3. This will open the new record that will look the same as your original campaign record. Enter a name for your campaign template. It’s a good idea to have the Template in the name so don’t get it confused with your actual campaigns



4. Click to the field or click to the Save Icon on the right of the screenYour template will appear in your campaign view.

All Campaign

All Campaign

Creating a Quick Campaign

There are 2 ways you can create a rapid campaign: from a list of records, or from a marketing list.

Creating the Quick Campaign from the List of Records

  1. Navigate to the list of AccountsContacts or the Leads that you wish to distribute your campaign to.
  2. Highlight the records you want to have the campaign distributed to.
  3. Click to the More Options menu in the command bar.
  4. Click on the Quick Campaign and choose the appropriate option to launch the wizard.
Quick campaign

Quick campaign

5. Follow the steps given in the Quick Campaign Wizard.

Creating a Quick Campaign from a Marketing List

  1. Click to the Marketing or Sales functional areas in the navigation bar
  2. Select Marketing Lists.
  3. Choose the list you want to distribute on your campaign to.
  4. Click to the Create Quick Campaign in a command bar.
create quick campaign

create quick campaign

5. Follow the steps given in the Quick Campaign Wizard.

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