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MSD CRM Updates

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training provides one of the most flexible CRM solutions. The CRM platform offers a series of powerful modules and great integrations.

Our comprehensive training programs are specifically designed to educate your workforce to unlock the awesome potential that Dynamics CRM holds.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that provides the tools and capabilities needed to create and maintain a clear picture of customers, from first contact through to purchase and post-sales.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training Services

  • Automated Training

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is linked to a very steep learning curve. Offering continuous performance support with software walk-through and in-software product tours reinforces proactive learning for every user, thereby minimizing issues connected to the forgetting curve.

  • Simplify CRM Tasks

Simplify business processes and workflows with interactive guidance. Automatically transform each workflow into a Dialog. Eliminate confusion and frustration for both users and developers. Support users through setup tasks with a virtual assistant that can be accessed on-demand.

  • Knowledge Retention
Knowledge Retention

Knowledge Retention

Make sure that every user is always up to date with the latest processes and procedures. Eliminate manuals, tutorials and classes by simply guiding users in real time and step-by-step directly in Microsoft Dynamics.

  • Performance Support

Eliminate procedural mistakes, frustration, delays, and non-standard procedures by delivering just-in-time, on-demand support. Make sure that all your employees are proficient with Microsoft Dynamics from day one without any formal training or previous knowledge.

  • Immediate Software Adoption
Software Adoption

Software Adoption

Eliminate resistance to change while creating a great employee experience. Interactive onscreen guides and contextual help allow your employees to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM efficiently without any effort.

  • Train Employees Everywhere

Employees receive in-app support directly at their desk. Onboard and train all your staff across multiple locations even if they work remotely. Make sure that every staff members receives performance support while carrying out difficult tasks in MS Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training Benefits

  • Minimize time-to-competency
  • Eliminate continued education and cut Microsoft Dynamics 365 training costs
  • Create standardized processes across the entire organization
  • Maximize Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adoption
  • Train all your employees automatically, directly at their desks

Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes life easier for businesses online, but behind the scenes, this powerful software needs people who know how to unlock its potential. With our Microsoft Dynamics CRM training courses you can learn how to put this platform to use.

CRM Training Courses

CRM Training Courses

At end of this training, you will be able to,

  • Interact with the customer to get requirements.
  • Converting the user problem and requirements into solution.
  • Configuring the MS CRM based on the customer specification.
  • Integrating other application with MS Dynamics CRM.

For more information on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training, please contact us and we will connect you with the right partner who provide the best CRM Training Services.

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