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Dynamics NAV Finance and Its Features

Dynamics NAV Finance

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Finance offers a complete general ledger solution that provides finance and accounting solutions for tracking and analyzing all your company’s financial information.

Dynamics NAV Finance

Dynamics NAV Finance

Dynamics NAV Finance provides end-to-end integration, administration of all financial tasks such as creating and maintaining a general ledger, managing analytical accounting, inventory, cash flow, manufacturing costs, bank accounts, and fixed assets as well as posting transactions, preparing financial statements, and reconciling accounts and collections across multiple companies, locations, and currencies is easily managed.

Other Dynamics NAV Finance features of Microsoft designed to enhance manufacturing capabilities include

• FlowFields:

FlowFields which updates and recalculates continually to ensure that users receive up-to-the-moment financial          data

• Cash Manager:

A bank account management system that allows users to create and modify bank accounts, transfer funds  between bank accounts, and also automates the complete check-writing process

• Lookup Buttons:

Lookup Buttons can be used to get direct access to information in a table format eliminating the need for any data re-entry

• Payables and Receivables:

Which allows users to define payment terms, payment methods, discount periods, and finance charge terms.

• Security:

Security features that allow management to specify who can view what information using record-level security

• Traceability:

Traceability ensures that all transactions have an unmitigated audit trail, creating complete transparency

• Fixed Assets:

Defines particulars for an asset or group assets from acquisition to disposal and also reports the required depreciation conditions.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive, up-to-date financial information makes it easier to spot trends and gain insight into your business activities, so you can capitalize on your knowledge and identify new opportunities.
  • Monitor fiscal performance, meet business and regulatory requirements and help reduce the time and effort your people spend on accounting tasks.
  • Control and manage the entire life cycle of your fixed assets—from acquisition to disposal.
  • Drive efficiency and maximize cash resources with flexible, integrated accounts payable capabilities.
  • Optimize cash flow by streamlining accounts receivable processes and tracking customer payments.
  • Multicurrency support in Dynamics NAV Finance can help you expand into international markets and reduce the complexity of global transactions.
  • Manage a broad range of other business areas according to your particular needs. Add functionality as you need it and grow at your own pace.

New Reports for Dynamics NAV Finance Users:

1. Account Categories and Sub-Categories –

  • Now with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017, we can use pre-defined Categories to a G/L Account.
  • At next level, we can setup Account Sub Category as per our business need.
  • We can select G/L Accounts that fall under particular subcategory and which is turn falls under a predefined category.
  • Account Categories are supported by Financial reports.
  • Automatic Update of account schedule when we update the account category mapping.
2. New Dynamics NAV Finance Reports – 
   Four New Reports have been added (Business Manager Role Center) –
  • Balance Sheet.
  • Income Statement.
  • Cash Flow Statement.
  • Retained Earnings Statement.

Financial stability is crucial for SMEs and large corporations alike. Whether for day-to-day business or for exceptional challenges and investments, a reliable financial management system is essential to ensure that all key financial data is available. With Microsoft Dynamics Navision Finance you can keep on top of your accounting processes and your financial data. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers you a complete solution for your financial management, with integrated functions for:

  • Financial management
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Payments
  • Warehousing
  • Asset accounting
  • Liquidity planning
  • Cost accounting
  • Human resource management
  • Analyses and reports

Stay on top of things

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Finance Management provides you with all the information you need at the click of a mouse to make informed decisions, identify trends at an early stage and plan and control your business activities. Financial management functions are seamlessly integrated into the ERP analysis tools and into Microsoft Office, meaning that accounts schemes and analysis reports, for example, can be easily transferred to Microsoft Excel for further processing.

Financial Management without limits

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Finance simplifies collaboration between corporate headquarters and subsidiaries, branches, franchises, and chains. Even if headquarters and branches use different solutions, Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s flexible concept allows seamless integration and the mutual exchange of information. The system can be employed internationally, is multilingual and supports all foreign currencies.

All standards on board

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is equipped with all relevant accounting protocols.

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