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Dynamics NAV Payroll & HRM With Features

Using a Microsoft ERP with custom HRMS and Dynamics NAV Payroll, you can empower your people to generate optimal value, drive productivity and improve decision-making.

Payroll is a critical component of every business – and often one of the most critical parts of Human Resource Management.

Companies need the payroll software that offers ease of use, the accuracy and the full integration with business management systems. The powerful, integrated payroll software solution can improve the labor productivity and the labor efficiencies, as well as support the control labor-related costs.

HR is the most fundamental resource for any organization. Nav 2018 Payroll is defined as a method of administrating employees salaries in the organizations.

Payroll provides the gross-to-net processing for the employees within your ERP. With the Payroll you can set up, enter, and maintain all the payroll records and the transactions. The comprehensive earnings and pay the statement process covers taxes, flexible deduction and the advantages of processing, and support for garnishments and tax levies.

Payroll provides full reporting and inquires for Form 16 processing and Financial reporting. It lets you see the current and historical payroll data for the individual employees.

It provides a flexible, integrated system for completing pay runs in the house. With its integration with Human Capital Management and the core financial functionality of Microsoft Dynamics Navision Payroll can handle time entry, benefits, deductions and even last-minute adjustments to your employee’s compensation.

  • Manage detailed employee time sheets
  • Manage payroll details for each employee
  • Pay employees electronically through your banking provider
  • General ledger automatically syncs with payroll runs
  • Up-to-date tax tables

For any organization opting for the integrated solution, a functionally rich HR & the Payroll solution enables the organization to manage its HR efficiently.

As an HR Manager, you can focus on your core activities of recruitment and the employee development by automizing data management and analysis.

NAV Payroll & HR helps you to assess the employee performance, take timely decisions in meeting the training and recruitment needs, process payroll and undertake other Administrative activities.

NAV HR & Payroll

NAV HR & Payroll


Quick information with Lookups

Dynamics NAV Payroll & HR you can look up and analyze information about your employees and applicants. This
ensures easy access to data as well as a quick overview.

Recruitment Management

Recruitment Management

Recruitment Management

In Dynamics NAV HR & Payroll helps you maintain resume database of applicants & employees as per their skill set and qualification, schedule interviews and maintain reports of interviews, issue interview letters, offer letters, appointment letter etc. You can save employee credentials in the system as an attachment, perform a quick check of available skill set for particular projects, and maintain records of employees on special deputation or projects.

Leave & Attendance Management

Dynamics NAV HR & Payroll enables you to remove manual effort in keeping the record of leaves, attendance and payroll processing. It gives an easy interface with a bio-metric system for efficient attendance management. Dynamics NAV HR & Payroll helps you in the calculation of overtime (OT) –the solution is adept enough to calculate net working hours by each employee.

Employee Management

Employee Management

Employee Management

You can prepare an appraisal of each employee using Balance Scorecard or Key Result Area(KRA), identify the training needs of each employee, schedule training and measure learning curve. Dynamics NAV HR & Payroll is flexible enough to assign pay cadres based on years of service, performance, hierarchy, and grades.

Loan Management

Based on company policy the user can customize Dynamics NAV HR & Payroll to record different types of loans in loan Master based on the entitlement of each department, cadre, and grade. The user can also record the loan Schedule, loan Deduction, and the details of loan Repayment etc.

Payroll Management

With Dynamics NAV HR & Payroll you can process and reprocess payrolls while taking care of all statutory norms, make salary adjustments, LOP calculation, arrears payment, bonus/incentive payments and manage other pay elements.

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