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Microsoft Dynamics NAV POS Features

Dynamics NAV POS

Managing payments from retail, e-commerce, phone, and mobile sales require the functionality of robust technology in which 100% data to ERP system integration is essential to stay on track of both financial and business reporting. When the company has a retail presence, certain features are needed to create a secure payment transaction while giving detailed reporting and managing day-to-day sales in a Dynamics NAV POS  (Point of Sale).


Dynamics NAV POS

Dynamics NAV POS

Dynamics NAV POS scalable POS system for Microsoft which includes a customizable interface with access to customer data, reporting, inventory, and more. Dynamics NAV POS securely accept payments from all of your sales channels—back offices, e-commerce, and POS—and manage that data inside of Dynamics NAV.

Dynamics NAV POS provides the ability to accept payments in the back office (phone and mail order) and at the point of sale for true omnichannel retail. Dynamics NAV POS is PCI validated, providing the highest level of security in payment processing software. A flexible touchscreen-compatible screen allows for a customizable layout to fit the specific store personnel and address the needs of the organization

Organizations with Retail Storefronts select Dynamics NAV POS  Features for Microsoft Dynamics to have real-time connectivity from the register to the ledger including the ability to have:

1. Scalability: 1 to 100+ stores with the multiple options to fit your business. The POS grows with your organization.

2. The Modern Solution: Works with the Windows hardware and the tablet devices for a sleek, modern look at Check Out.

3. Sales Operation Functionality: Layaways, promotions, email receipts, multiple payment types, and the EMV.

4. Inventory Management: Because Dynamics NAV POS is integrated with NAV, all your inventory data is up to date in stores and at the warehouse.

5. Detailed Reporting: Access any report directly from the Dynamics Navision. Get end-of-day reporting to track daily sales, activity per salesperson, and evaluate the discrepancies.

6. Multiple Payments Options:  Accept all the payment types from gift cards to NFC (Near Field Communication) payments and also EMV.

7. Customer Loyalty Insights: See and maintain customer information such as purchase history, payments and balances, and more.

8. Reliability:  Dynamics NAV POS has both off-line and online modes available.

9. True Omnichannel:  You can manage all the payments from all of your sales channels.

  1. 10. Security: PCI validated EMV and point to point encryption is available and providing the highest level of security.

Dynamics NAV POS is an affordable and easy-to-use point of sale built right into Dynamics NAV that enables your team to sell parts and materials quickly and effectively.

Dynamics NAV POS streamlines order processing to improve efficiency by reducing the time it takes for order entry. Dynamics NAV POS is packed with all the features you’d expect from a Point of Sale system but in a simple and cost-effective package.

  • Simplified the order entry screen, built right into the Dynamics NAV.
  • The barcode scanning interface allows you to quickly enter the sales items by scanning the UPC codes or custom barcodes.
  • The advanced search tool for the items lets users quickly find what they’re looking for, without knowing how to use the wildcards or caring about the order of words in the descriptions.
  • Accept the multiple payment types per order, such as part cash, part credit card, and part coupon all on the same order.
  • Accept the deposits in partial or full amounts from the customers for special orders, and take layaway payments.
  • Easily reconcile your cash drawer at the end of the day with the daily reconciliation report and closing process.
  • Track lost of sales with formal Lost Sales Tracking capabilities to provide you insight into stock planning.
  • Track pricing overrides on the sales with formal override tracking, and the ability to prevent overrides without the override code.

Dynamics NAV POS is fast and error-free operations at the register with  Nav versatile and intuitive Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS/POS) system. The POS terminals are easy to set up and manage and support the use of both keyboard and touch screen equipment.

Gain immediate access to the transactions and the events happening at POS thanks to the powerful information replication system. Provide your customers with outstanding service as Dynamics NAV POS terminals accept multiple currencies and are configured for gift cards and vouchers.

Easy to learn – easy to use

Easy to learn

Easy to learn

Dynamics NAV POS is easy to use and learn. The graphical interface is easily customizable, to adjust to every cashier and every need of a business. Stationary, tablets and mobile POS also share the same application, thus shortening the training times.

POS can be used for staff training. Managers can easily and quickly set POS in training mode whenever it is required. All the sales made in training mode won’t appear in the general ledger.

Flexible payment and Multi-currency

Dynamics NAV POS offers customers the possibility to use many types of payment, even in the same transaction. Enhance your flexibility and improve your customer service.

Dynamics NAV EPOS terminals accept multiple payment types like cash, smart cards, foreign currency, vouchers, gift cards, customer cards and more.

Our EPOS also support split payment

Powerful and easy setup and configuration

Because of their flexibility and ease of setup Dynamics NAV POS terminals are suitable for many different types of retail needs – even within the same store.

Retailers can modify the POS layout simply and fast, changing it according to their requirements and goals without having to invest in assistance.

Advanced sales tools for staff

Dynamics NAV POS gives your staff a powerful sales assistant that can help them provide even better customer service.

Enlarge the basket size with the product recommendations: POS can use AI and machine learning (ML) to deliver meaningful product suggestions based on previous purchases.

Find items quickly: NAV POS offers a powerful search engine for multiple data sources.

The points of sale also support serial number tracking and many types of promotions including mix and match, multiple buys, automatic discounts and more.

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