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Set Up and Assign Reminders Terms In NAV: Part-2

Reminders Terms is a continuation of How to Set Up and Assign Reminder Terms in NAV. Part 1 can be accessed here:

Reminders Terms and Currency

The additional fees can be created for every reminder level in foreign currencies.

To access the Currencies for the Reminder Level page, follow these steps.

  1. On the Reminder Levels page, choose the reminder level.
  2. On the Navigate tab, click Currencies
  3. Create the new line for each foreign currency that you want to set up additional fees for.
  4. In Currency Code field, enter the foreign currency.
  5. In Additional Fee field, enter the amount of the additional fee in foreign currency.
  6. Click to the OK to close the Currencies for the Reminder Level page.
Currencies for Reminder Level

Currencies for Reminder Level

Note: The user is responsible and they should consider the exchange rate when he or she updates the Currencies for the Reminder Level page when the exchange rate changes significantly.

Beginning and Ending Text

Data related to the starting and the ending text lines add the following.

  • They can be included for each reminder level of each reminder term.
  • They contain all the instructions on payment and the result of the non-payment.
  • They include several predefined text variables.

To access Reminder Text – Starting and Reminder Text – Ending page, follow these steps.

  1. On Reminder Levels page, choose the reminder level.
  2. On Navigate tab, click to the Beginning Text or Ending Text.
Reminders Terms

Reminders Terms

  1. Add as many text lines as you must. You can use predefined text variables that the program will replace with the appropriate data before the reminder is printed.
  2. Click to the OK to close the Reminder Text Beginning or Reminder Text Ending
  3. Click OK to close the Reminder Levels.

You can use the below text variables on both pages.

Text Variable Information
%1 Document date (from the reminder header)
%2 Due date (from the reminder header)
%3 Interest rate (from finance charge term)
%4 The remaining amount (from the reminder header)
%5 Interest amount (from the reminder header)
%6 Additional fee (from the reminder header)
%7 Total (remaining amount + interest amount + additional fee + value-added tax (VAT)
%8 Reminder level (from the reminder header)
%9 Currency code (from the reminder header)
%10 Posting date (from the reminder header)

Assign Reminder Terms

To assign the Reminder Term Code to a customer card, follow these steps.

  1. On the Navigation Pane, click Home.
  2. Click Customers.
  3. Choose the customer and then click Edit to open the Customer Card
  4. Expand the Payments
  5. In the Reminder Terms Code field, enter the remainder term.
  6. Click OK to close the Customer Card

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