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D365 for Finance and Operations for Cloud Deployments

This article lists the system requirements for the current version of Microsoft D365 for Finance and Operations for cloud deployments. If this step is appropriate, before you install F&O, you should verify that the system that you’re working with meets or exceeds the minimum network, hardware, and software requirements. Supported Web Browsers The web application can run in any of the following web browsers that run on the specified operating systems: Microsoft Edge (latest publicly available version) on Windows 10 Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7 Google Chrome (latest publicly available version) Apple Safari (latest publicly available version) To find the latest release for each web browser, go to the software manufacturer’s website. Supported W...

D365 On-premises Deployments Local Agent Updation

This article explains how to update the D365 On-premises Deployments Local Agent. The latest version of the local agent is version 2.1.1. The on-premises solution allows you to deploy MS Dynamics 365 either on your own servers or those of your IT partner. You can keep all your data in-house and ensure high levels of security and accessibility. The on-premise deployment option uses Finance and Operations components running on the premises, leveraging service fabric standalone clusters. D365 On-premises Deployments Local Agent Version Capabilities Null This initial version deploys Platform update 8. 1.0.0 This version enables the Reconfigure feature for failed deployments. 1.1.0 This version enables the Reconfigure feature for successful deployments, enables multi-model package deployments a...

Voided Sales Order Function In Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX has the function to control for the deleted sales orders or deleted lines, on this post will illustrate the voided sales order function, where the deleted sales order lines are stored in a different form for reference. First, this function must be activated under the accounts receivable parameter. Accounts receivable| Setup| Accounts receivable parameters then under General go to Sales fast tab, under Setup field group, Tick the following option Mark the order as void. During the sales order transaction assume that the end user after selecting a sales line then delete it, the deleted line is moved to the Voided sales order form Let us create the new sales order line and delete it from the header Then go to the Sales and marketing| Inquiry| History| Voided sales orders...

HRM: Automated Workflows in Microsoft Dynamics AX

If you are the customer looking to implement or using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 and use major aspects of Workforce management under the Human Resources Management, there are some Out-Of-The-Box workflows under the HRM module that you can leverage to complete/automate several key processes such as Hire a worker, Transfer a Worker, Terminate a worker etc. You could use these new workflows build the complete onboarding process for the new hires into the workflow. In this post, I will explain you about these workflows and how you can use them in AX 2012 R3. Note: You will need to activate the Personnel Actions Configuration Key for the HRM, to enable these new functionalities in the system. Workflow For Actions on Hiring a New Worker: For this demonstration, Let us say there are 3 steps in...

Prerequisites For Standard Costs In D365 Operations

This topic Prerequisites For Standard Costs In D365 Operations describes the basic steps for using standard costs in Microsoft Dynamics. Subsequent steps depend on the company’s operations. For example, the steps differ for a non-manufacturing environment, a manufacturing environment that doesn’t use routings and the manufacturing environment that uses routings. To set up standard costs, follow these steps. 1. Create the item model group for standard costs. Use the Item model groups page to create a new group for the standard costs, and assign an inventory model of Standard cost. The identifier for an item model group should be meaningful, such as Std Cost. Choose the checkboxes to indicate that the group should allow financial negative inventory and that it should post physica...

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