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Dynamics 365 F&O: Troubleshooting Workflow

The troubleshooting workflow process is vastly expanded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365). The built-in capabilities of line item approval, work item queues, cross-company workflows, and specific notifications for each workflow alone are well worth the price of admission.  In this troubleshooting workflow article and future articles, we will be covering the key components of workflow including setup, design, flow components, development, and implementation. Our first item to tackle is ensuring that the workflow is operating as designed. This article will show the setup of workflow and process, which you can use to check on the various components if they are not working. The order of operations shown here is intended to check your workflow configuration. We will ch...

Using The Date Effectiveness Feature In D365

Date effectiveness in Dynamics 365 allows developers to easily create date range fields. Date ranges are used to define record validity between the specified dates, for example, defining employee contract dates and defining vendor license validity. This feature in D365 significantly reduces the amount of time that developers spend on developing business logic/code and also provides a consistent approach to implement data range fields. This recipe will demonstrate the basics of date effectiveness. We will create a new table to implement date range validation. Date Effectiveness: Run Visual Studio as admin: Load your earlier project.  Add a new TablePktEmployeeContract Set the property as follows:    Value Property ValidTimeStateFieldType Date   Note the two new fields that are automati...

Set Up Direct Deposit Payments For US Payroll In Dynamics 365 FO

By cheque or by electronic(Direct Deposit payments) payments, US Payroll in Dynamics 365 FO gives you the option to pay workers. To set up the Direct Deposit  NACHA feature for US Payroll, you need to make sure the setups are complete: Payroll Bank account, Payroll electronic payments – Method of Payment, Direct Deposit & account setup for Employees, Payroll journal in General ledger, Payment issuance for Electronic method of payment. Here is a reference for the required setups to get you going with Direct Deposit NACHA payments in US Payroll. Create A New Bank Account Cash & Bank management > Bank Accounts, click New and enter the Routing Number, Bank Account Number, company Statement Name, Company ID –  in “Additional identification” tab on the Bank acc...

D365 Defining Customer Parent/Child Relationships

Several of the vendor and customer accounts are related, but there is no way to demonstrate that parent/child relationships in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations!  As a result, some reporting has to be manually adjusted. Oh yes, there are some options!  But careful thought must be given to this topic before a business process is implemented. Understanding the potential drawbacks of using the Parent/Child relationship which is available through the use of the Global Address Book (GAB) is a key. By using the Global Address to create such relationships, it can exist across legal entities. This may be a possible alternative to sharing vendors. It also allows for relationships between vendors or customers, to be created for many purposes other than the Parent/Child, such as subsidiaries, m...

Code Migration Process for AX to D365 for Operations

If you’re seeking to speed up your business processes and make global scalability and the digital intelligence the foundation of your business, you’ve probably already realized that the Dynamics 365 for Operations is for you. Assuming you already have the Dynamics Axapta in place, the AX 2012 migration to Dynamics 365 for Operations is important to work smarter, achieve unprecedented growth (and operational excellence), deliver the exceptional customer experiences, and fast-track your business performance. Understanding the Code Migration Process Microsoft’s releases the new Dynamics 365 for the Operations introduces significant changes to the development experience – from a different development environment to an entirely new programming language (X++), a new browser-based client, and the...

What’s New In Financial Management

In the 2016 Fall Release of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, released November 1st, Microsoft added a number of new features to the Financial management modules. This blog will run through some of these enhancements at a high level. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (formerly Dynamics AX)  being a native cloud application, Microsoft is now releasing new updates twice per year – in a Fall and Spring release. This allows Microsoft to add new features at a much faster pace than ever before! Customers can choose if and when to take these releases, which also provides a level of flexibility not offered by most cloud application vendors. Financial management Enhancements: 1. Fixed Asset Enhancements Track fixed asset valuations by using a single “book” concept – In p...

Vendor Self-Service Portal / Vendor Collaboration In D365

Having a fully functional vendor self-service portal in an enterprise-class cloud ERP solution is a huge advantage and allows your organization to streamline the collaboration with vendors, thereby helping you reduce back-office efforts and improves the accuracy of business transactions with vendors and procurement. Dynamics 365 For Operations provides this right out of the box. In today’s quick post, we will take a look at some of the key capabilities of the Vendor Self-service portal / Collaboration in Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Operations. Let us first look at some of the key setups involved. Activate A Vendor Self-Service Portal / Collaboration On the vendor self-service portal master record > General Fast Tab, select Active (PO is auto-confirmed) or Active (PO is not auto-confirmed...

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