D365 On-premises Deployments Local Agent

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D365 On-premises Deployments Local Agent Updation

This article explains how to update the D365 On-premises Deployments Local Agent. The latest version of the local agent is version 2.1.1. The on-premises solution allows you to deploy MS Dynamics 365 either on your own servers or those of your IT partner. You can keep all your data in-house and ensure high levels of security and accessibility. The on-premise deployment option uses Finance and Operations components running on the premises, leveraging service fabric standalone clusters. D365 On-premises Deployments Local Agent Version Capabilities Null This initial version deploys Platform update 8. 1.0.0 This version enables the Reconfigure feature for failed deployments. 1.1.0 This version enables the Reconfigure feature for successful deployments, enables multi-model package deployments a...

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