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Dynamics GP Update 1099 Information

This article, tells you about Dynamics GP Update 1099 Information. Dynamics GP Update 1099 Information: A feature that was added back with Dynamics GP 2013 is the Purchasing Utility – Update 1099 Information. Purchasing | Utilities | Update 1099 Information You can use the Update 1099 information window to: modify the tax type or 1099 statement box numbers for a range of vendors, 1099 transactions or both. This article review how this feature Microsoft Dynamics GP Update 1099 Information works. Most of the information is from Help Text with some screenshots added. Using Dynamics GP Update 1099 Information you can: Modify the tax type from one type to another. You can also change the type from a non-1099 vendor to a 1099 vendor and vice versa. This is helpful, for example, when you add a ne...

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