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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database Conversion

This article describes Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database Conversion from one of the following versions to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and NAV 2013 R2 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 and 2016 Dynamics NAV 2017 and 2018 (cumulative update) Converting the Dynamics Navision Database, which is often referred to as the technical upgrade, changes the database so that it works on the latest Dynamics NAV platform. The conversion updates the system tables of an old database to the new schema, and the upgrades of all reports to support Report Viewer 2015. It offers you with the latest platform features and performance enhancements. Preparing the Old Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database To convert an old database to the MS Dynamics NAV 2018 database, the first task is to back up the ...

Dynamics NAV GST Implementation

Dynamics NAV GST Goods and Service Tax (GST) will be applicable at the national level. It is the consumption-based tax levied on sales, manufacture, and consumption of goods and the services. This tax will act as a substitute for all indirect tax levied by the government. Dynamics NAV GST patch has been released and is a part of the cumulative update 17 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Pre-requisite: 1. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 (IN version) 2. Cumulative Update 17 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 IN Procedure: Download the Cumulative Update 17 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV IN (CU 17 NAV 2016 Unzip the folder. Take the SQL backup of the complete Navision 2016 database to ensure that nothing is lost after the Cumulative update 17 which includes GST patch has been installed. The cumulative...

Dynamics NAV Implementation in User Security

Dynamics NAV Implementation in user security can be achieved by assigning different permission sets to users. Permissions can be assigned to the users according to their role. A collection of database permissions for one or more objects in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database that you can assign to one or more users is known as a Permission Set. In this Dynamics NAV Implementation, we will be creating a user who will have access to Items, Customers and Sales Orders only. Everything is present in the UI will be hidden from this user. Purpose of the Dynamics NAV Implementation in user Security Upgrade: Our goal is to create the user with limited permissions. This user will have access to Items, the Customers and the Sales information. Steps: Create new permission sets which include access to ...

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